Would you wear inspired jewelry?


Sep 24, 2007
I know a jeweler who can basically make/ copy any item you want.

Of course, I wouldn't get the exact design, but change it slightly to suit my taste and size.

What do you think? Would you purchase jewelry that is basically inspired from well known designs?


Jun 20, 2007
it depends. something like diamonds by the yard yes. i silver heart toggle bracelet, no. for me if the design isnt v unique to begin w, like dbty, i think is ok. that is a pretty classic simple design.


Sep 24, 2007
What I have in mind is Van Cleef & Arpels exceptional jewelry line which you don't see on everyone else and using 18k gold and real diamonds. But definitely not popular/ mass market styles. Opinions please?


Mar 27, 2009
I don't think there's anything wrong with what you're suggesting. You are getting a piece made that is 'inspired,' I would have a different opinion if you were purchasing an absolute copy and were intending on passing it off as the real thing.

Where I live I don't have access to alot of the incredible jewelry designers, so if I really liked a piece and couldn't obtain it I would certainly consider this... however I won't buy from places that profit simply from copying other designs that aren't their own. Just my two cents :smile:
Oct 17, 2006
I do not buy a piece of jewelry just because it has a designer name tagged on to it. I buy it if it matches EXACTLY all my needs. Oftentimes, I find myself having to get my jewelry custom made. The most important reason is to have the best possible cut/color diamonds/gems that I want. Other reasons are comfort and slight difference in taste. Of course, most of the time the cost savings can be significant due to elimination of markup associated with the designer name. However, in some instance, I may end up paying more. Pave setting made by Leon Mege is one such example. His work is worth the extra money.


Aug 20, 2006
Yes. I was considering purchasing the Tiffany Swing bracelet for several years, but couldn't get past the ridiculously high price tag, typical of Tiffany. The bracelet is platinum with 1.6 carats of very tiny diamonds. It's worth about 1/3 of the $7100 price tag. Recently the bracelet showed up on bluenile for $2400 - same diamond quality and carat weight, but in 18kt white gold. I haven't bought it yet, but wouldn't think twice about the ethics of it, because its' a fair price.

I only buy in to that 'paying for design' BS to a certain extent. If there are only a few hundred of a designer item/design manufactured, then there's legitimate merit to the value of the design, and I expect to pay more for the item. But when places like Tiffany come up with a design and start stamping them out by the gazillions, the value of the design decreases dramatically with every unit made and sold. When places like Tiffany start to get real with their pricing, I'll pay a little more for their 'original' designs, but not the assinine premium they try to pawn off on customers. In the meantime, if someone comes up with a high quality look-alike that meets my needs, I'm right on board.

But as long as people buy in to the notion that they should be paying ridiculous prices for the design of designer goods, the designers are perfectly willing to inflate the prices to help further the notion that the buyer is paying extra for 'luxury'.

I work at a company with many divisions. In the division I work in, we design items that there'll be only 1-6 of the widgets made, ever. Other divisions design household type items that'll be made by the millions. The cost of the design of the household items is spread out over the millions that are sold. The cost of the design of the 1-6 items that'll be made is very, very steep for the buyer. Fashion designers try to create an image of exclusivity to help justify the prices. But when there are drawers full of an item being sold at shops in all major (and some smaller) cities around the world, the item is not exclusive, no matter how you cut it. And the cost of the design should be watered down by the mass production of these items.


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Mar 31, 2006
I personally wouldn't if the design was originated and is a staple of the brand. Someone asked me recently if she should get the real Cartier Trinity ring or have one custom made, which will cost 1/3 of the price of a Cartier. I told her if it was me, I would save and get the real thing, just becoz when you see a Trinity ring, you automatically think of Cartier. On the other hand, it is was a diamond solitaire ring I am wanting to buy, I would go for the best quality diamond and have one custom made instead of Tiffany.

Just my thoughts. HTH! :smile:


Apr 21, 2007
If it is an iconic piece, which is readily associated with the designer, I wouldn't be comfortable with an inspired version. Other designs, such as DBTY, are being made by many designers and would not bother me at all.

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Jan 30, 2007
I think it depends on the design - I wouldn't feel comfortable with something like the Alhambra line because it is so iconic of VCA.
But there are some designs that look like anyone can (and has) made them. The designs where someone says "pretty" and not "gorgeous piece of VCA"