would you wear gold jewelry with gray clothes?

  1. I don't know if this is just something that I'm confused about, but I've always tried to match my jewelry to my clothes...for instance, if I'm wearing something green, brown, or purple, I'd try to wear gold jewelry. But for winter, gray is so in! I just recently bought a bunch of gray clothes and I'm wondering...would you wear gold jewelry with gray clothes??
  2. I don't see why not... actually, either white or yellow gold would likely pop when placed next to gray.
  3. Gold matches any color outfit :tup:
  4. yes, but I think it would look nicer w/ a really pale/heather gray as opposed to say a dark charcoal grey. But it would still be fine.
  5. If we're talking about yellow gold, then it totally depends on the shade of gray. If it was a light or blue-ish gray I would. If it was a darker, more charcoal gray I wouldn't.
  6. Why not wear YG with grey? I have a feeling YG is making a comeback, and you're right that grey is big. Give it a go- maybe try a fun long necklace a la Chanel?
  7. Angelina Jolie pulled this off recently at some event...I will try to find pics. If I remember correctly she wore a mid-grey dress with that very yellow, Indian-looking gold jewelry and she looked fantastic.
  8. Found one! To answer the question, I personally wouldn't wear it simply because gold isn't my colour but I do think that gold and grey in the right tones can look great together!
  9. I think if you do it with thought it can look exetremly stylish!!!!! As someone posted before,yellow isn't my color,it just does'nt flatter my skin tone,but on the right girl it gives off a lovely warm feel.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  10. yes! in fact it's one of my favourite combinations. i love dark grey and yellow for the same reason.
    but then i'm the type of person that avoids being too matchy-matchy, i think looking for an interesting contrast is what brings out the best in clothes and jewelry.
  11. Honestly I think gold - white or yellow can be worn with just about everything.
    I have been wearing strictly white gold/platinum/sterling for years but recently
    branched out & got a nice chunky pair of yellow gold hoops. Sometimes I found myself
    wishing I had a little yellow:smile: Yellow gold with gray can be very pretty. Some of
    my friends are strictly yellow gold girls & they never look 'off'.
  12. Thank you so much for all your input everyone!!
  13. I don't know if it's just me. But I wear my gold jewelry with everything. Love my small pieces so much that I can't get my self to take them off.
  14. Also white, cream, or pink pearls would look fantastic with grey!
  15. I think gold goes w/ everything. I have a 14k hawaiian heirloom bangle that I never take off. :smile: