Would you wear Eva's long dress?


Would you wear Eva's long dress?

  1. No, summer dresses should be short and sweet

  2. Yes, I'm glad this trend is back

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  1. While summer is all about sexy sundresses, this season we've seen celebrities sweeping out in a much longer hemline. Gorgeous summer prints are appearing on floor-sweeping, flowy dresses. Eva Mendes matches a bright bag to her casual cool summer sundress. Do you prefer summer dresses long or short? Which one is more flattering? Are you ready to embrace the retro maxi?

  2. For me no!
  3. I think it would only look nice on her olive complexion! I think it's a nice dress though :smile:
  4. I don't like that bag with that dress. And I think the dress is too long.
  5. I think the dress is very long.
  6. I love the dress and the bag....she looks beautiful...I would totally wear that dress!
  7. I would totally wear this - my legs are too big for short stuff. I much prefer to be covered more.
  8. totally:tup:
    dresses like that are great for me bc i'm so tall... i think eva pulls it off well.
  9. It looks great on her but would be terrible on my pasty white skin!
  10. I would wear it.
  11. I have bought a couple of maxi dresses, but the weather here in the UK is so bad at the moment, that I just cannot envisage it being warm enough to wear them :biggrin:
  12. I think those floor skimming summer dresses are so cool! Love them and I think she looks great...I vote 100% YES.
  13. I think she looks great, she just needs to hem the dress so it skims the floor not drags on it. I think summer dresses are less about the length and more about the fabric.
  14. i wouldn't because I'm too short for maxi dresses.
  15. I would. Not all the time, just when the event calls for it. During the day, I'd wear the shorter printed sundress.