Would you wear Coral year round?

  1. I have a Coach credit just burning a hole in my bag, and I really love the Patent Coral Kristin Hobo. Do you think I could pull this off even through the fall? I really like the Patent Beige color too, because its so neutral, but that Coral is just calling to me. Any thoughts?
  2. I would definitely wear that coral in the fall.
  3. I think the Coral would look great with the darker fall palette... and with winter white!
  4. I would for sure wear coral in the fall!!!
  5. I am so glad you think so! I am trying to be a little more "frugal" with my Coach purchases, where I can use them for more than one season. Money gets tight sometimes so when I want to feed the addiction I am really trying to be more reasonable than I used to be :smile:
  6. i 'd wear her year round... but then i use my black purse in the summer it my outfit calls for it!
  7. Coral is a year round color FOR SURE!!!!!!!!! GO FOR IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I would wear that all year round...I plan on carrying my Pale Pink Leather Hobo whenever I feel like it..I paid for it, so that means I don't go by the Seasons and colors..:smile: Btw, that is a very pretty hobo.
  9. I love the coral patent color. You have to see it IRL to truly appreciate it because the pictures don't show the shimmer there is to it.

    and I'd get coral over that beigish patent color because that will have transfer issues a little quicker than coral would. I had camel patent that ended up with transfer :sad:
  10. I agree with everyone else, wear her rear round!
  11. I agree and same here with my yellow satchel!!!!!!!!! :biggrin:
  12. Coral is perfect year-round! Great w/ warm fall colors, spring and summer brights, whatever!
  13. Yes. I carry coral year round. Looks lovely with rich browns and other fall colors and provides a pop of color in the spring/summer. Enjoy!!!
  14. I think you're yellow satchel would be great in the Fall and year round for that matter..The color goes great with blacks, grays, whites, etc..I just try not to get caught up in the color by season...

    I don't buy alot of bags, but I do play favorites, so I tend to carry my favorite more.:p This pink leather on my hobo is just so pretty, and
    it is my lightest bag, and my prettiest...:tender:
  15. I don't go by seasons/colors so I would wear it year round!