Would you wear Coach scarves?

  1. I've been thinking of getting a Coach scarf (the black zebra print) and wear it w/ sweaters, jackets, etc. Do you think it might look too cheesy because it has Coach signature written all over? I don't mind carrying Coach bags, but for clothing items I might feel uncomfortable, what do you think? Should I buy it and wear it? Here's a pic.
  2. I wear Coach scarves all the time! Usually they're in my hair, but sometimes I'll use them on my neck, but thinking about it, I don't think I have any signature pieces that I use as real scarves. I'm sure it will look fabulous though! Scarves are all about being fun and colorful.
  3. Oops! For some reason it double-posted. :p
  4. I am usually not that into signature, but I think the scarves will look great! I have seen them worn and they look nice when worn with a crisp white shirt and/or black sweater. I could see bright yellow too, lavender, hot pink...
  5. I think if it is not overdone it can work. For example, I wouldn't wear a signature scarf with a signature bag BUT I would wear a leather bag with sig shoes or boots or a leather bag with a signature scarf. It just depends what else you wear it with.
  6. Scarves are probably one of the few things that I would wear the signature print in. I usually wear them in my hair or hang one off of a leather bag. You can get really creative with them!
  7. I wear scarves in my hair in a headband style. I use them to hold back my hair. I have the Legacy Stripe and Tattersall one as well. I just got my first Signature Ponytail Scarf for Christmas. I don't see a problem with wearing them. They are beautiful. I would think it would be overkill to wear a scarf, shirt, pants, shoes and bag completely in signature pattern. LOL! But there is nothing wrong with a scarf. Wear them proud!
  8. Yes! I'm currently wearing my Legacy oblong scarf w/my winter coat, doubled and slip-knotted through around my neck. It looks terrific and keeps my neck warm without having to use a heavier scarf that usually winds up being too warm and itchy for me!
  9. I think it depends on how it's done. Like mentioned already, I wouldn't do a signature scarf with a signature bag but would do a leather bag with a signature scarf. Some of the scarves are more subtle than others too so it depends on the scarf. Because of how the zebra scarf is done, you won't see that much of the signature print on it. I think it could look very nice and pull the right look together.
  10. I wouldnt wear a Coach scarf on me, I prefer Hermes as I find the signature thing on people iffy. Too overdone. This goes for LV as well (though age plays a factor. The MC scarves are cute on the younger set).

    however on a leather bag, the sig scarves are cute imo and do let everyone know you love coach hehe :smile:
  11. My parents got the tattersall scarf (thought it was the ponytail didnt know about different sizes) and I have found that I can wear it on my neck, on my purse, and in my hair. I have now fallen in love with there scarves and will be buying more!