Would You Wear Any Of These Trends ?

  1. [​IMG]


  2. Camo jacket for sure:yes: The one in the middle it too cute.
  3. leopard coat :yes:
  4. The camo in the second pic yes, the rest, no.
  5. Probably the bib front dresses...
  6. The dresses. Maybe the camo. But the leopard coats are too tacky for my taste.
  7. i'd wear the dresses for sure. camo is for us troops and no limit soldiers only, though. and i'd wear leopard print, but not in that quantity.
  8. I would only wear Lindsays bib front dress,everything else is fug
  9. bib front dresses but not any of the ones post

    no camouflage for me but the cut of the second jacket is cute!
  10. yes,yes,no
  11. I'd definitely do the bibfront dresses.. hell.. i've been doing them for the last 4 years.

    Definitely NO camo!

    And i'd do a leopard print jacket but only if it were less obvious and intense.. like a grey leopard print but not so long or big collars or furry fabric or anything. I'd also prefer it if it were less of a trench, more of a babydoll or cropped with balloon sleeves or something. but no trench, they don't look good on me, i'm too small.. i always end up looking wayyyyy too covered.
  12. I like the bib-front dresses, but I don't think I could pull off camo or a leopard print jacket. I think that maybe I could look good in leopard if it were a smaller piece than a jacket.
  13. Only the bib-front dresses for me :yes:
  14. I like LL's dress and boots!
  15. No on the bib front dressses, yes to camo and leopard