Would you wear a shoe that is a full size too big?


Mar 3, 2007
New York
I have 2 pairs of the fuschia CL Rolandos both of which are not my size. I got a size 38.5 and a 40 because these are the only sizes that were available, supposedly these shoes sold out pretty quickly. Anyway, my real Rolando size is 39 so the fuschia rolandos in 38.5 are a bit too tight and I know that if I end up wearing them out, my toes are going to be numb by the end of the night. But the size 40 is big and looks silly on me. I haven't tried putting a pad in the size 40 so that might supposedly help these shoes fit better. What are your opinions, keep the smaller or the larger size?
Also, if anyone sees a 39 in the fuschia rolando, please let me know.



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Dec 6, 2006
That stinks, Kamilla! If it were me, I would prefer to keep the bigger size and pimp them up with a pad and heel pad to make them fit better. There's nothing worse than wearing shoes that are too small. :sweatdrop:


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Sep 16, 2007
Scottsdale AZ
OH MY GOD. :wtf: Those shoes are incredible!!! I'm so jealous... where'd you find those!!! I think I'm in :love::love:... you have the best taste!

As for your sizing issue, I've heard from many of the ladies out here that all you need is a reputable cobbler and they should be able to make you some inserts that will ensure a perfect fit! (I want to say ladydeluxe mentioned this before but i could be wrong) With that in mind, I think the 40s would probably be better than the 38.5 which are a tight fit. Good luck with this dilemma!:P
Mar 7, 2006
the big apple
CL suede stretches quite easily, so I'd recommend taking the smaller pair to a cobbler (like Shoe Service Plus) and giving them specific instructions about stretching the shoes 1/2 a size -- that's what SSP did for me in the past....you give them very specific instructions about whether to stretch length-wise, or width-wise, or both, and how much of a stretch....and they follow your instructions. Personally I can deal with shoes that are 1/2 a size smaller (by stretching them) but shoes that are bigger never ever work with me -- insole pads, heel grips and all that just don't feel natural. And in particular with the Rolando's, where there's already significant toe cleavage when you wear the right size, if you size up and add an insole pad it generally causes more (excess) toe cleavage to show.....and while toe cleavage is a sexy CL feature there's a fine line and IMO excessive toe cleavage can look quite unattractive, I tried it with a pair of Rolando's that was 1/2 a size big and I didn't like the excess toe cleavage showing at all (whereas the right size showed the right amount of toe cleavage, if you KWIM).


Mar 7, 2007
New Jersey
My Mad Marys are a half size too big...im in the same boat as you. I should have got the 39 in them. I put a heel liner in and so far so good.
I would say stay with the 38.5. The suede should stretch a bit....the 40 is just too big.


Mar 2, 2006
Wow, those are gorgeous!!
I've actually done the half size too big thing just because I canNOT for the life of me find a 7 in this certain pair of shoes. But I regret it because they really rub and tear up my feet when I wear them.
I think you'll be fine with these though, they actually look good in the pics! For the larger ones, definitely do the heel liners, they help a lot.


Mar 3, 2007
New York
Thanks for all the comments ladies. I have an SA trying to search for my true size but it looks dismal, my only opportunity will be if someone returns them which I don't know why anyone would return them. Unfortunately at this point I think that I have to keep the larger size because I was silly to post the small size for sale and it looks like they are already spoken for.
The Rolando is a very strange fit, although the 40 is very long on me, the width and the toe box feel fine too me. They just slip off my feet when I walk. I am going to try to get some custom made inserts and hopefully that will work.
Of course I would still love to find my size, if anyone sees a 39, please PM me, I am willing to do anything to find it.


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Aug 22, 2006
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I agree with foxycleopatra. Take the 38.5 and have them stretched or weat it around the house for a bit until they stretch out naturally.


Feb 22, 2006
take both to the cobbler try them on and ask him what he recommends adding an insert or stretching. THey are pro's they can tell by looking at ur foot in the shoe what is better.


Sep 15, 2005
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I had my shoes stretched and it didnt do any good at all, but they are LV canvas.
I say keep the bigger ones because like someone else said, there is NOTHING worse than tight shoes.
Makes me wanna cry just thinking about mine that dont fit. And the bruises and blisters on my feet from wearing them anyway.


Aug 26, 2007
The Playground
NEVER buy shoes or anything that is not your size solely because its the only one left. never settle.

that happened to me with a jacket and i ended up losing interest in it, because it didnt fit the way i wanted to.

but keep the larger size, the shoe will soon try and mold to your feet. with the smaller size, your feet is always changing during the day (bloated in the mornings etc) and they could end up spending more time in the closet then on your feet.

me personally, would take them both back and get a shoe that fits to my foot correctly!!


Oct 17, 2006
Kamilla, the shoes look superb, so I understand your agony. However, I do not recommend wearing shoes that are too big because they could be a real safety hazard. I once wore a pair of unfitted shoes and sprang my ankle. I could not walk for 2 weeks, so just be extra careful if you decide to keep them.


Jan 6, 2007
to answer your question, no.
I dont usually wear shoes that dont fit me. after all, that's (more or less) the point
I very RARELY make exceptions...lol
Jul 31, 2007
Keep neither. I think in the long run, the small size could cause a lot of damage to your toes and feet. The big ones will look silly and you could even have an accident trying to walk in it.

I think shoes are meant to just fit. Not too big or too small.