Would you wear a pencil dress at work ?

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  1. Or is it too sexy ? too formal ? when to wear it otherwise ?
  2. What do you mean by pencil dress? A suiting dress with a narrow skirt? If so, then I do wear suiting dresses to work. It is so easy to get dressed.
  3. Yes, if you feel uncomfortable about it being a bit form fitting add a cardi or blazer...
  4. Yes I think it would look good for work, especially with a cute cardigan over it :smile:
  5. totally nice...not formal (b/c it's not a suit) but office-like....pencil skirt reminds me of charleotte at SATC...she had many pencil dress while she's at the gallery...and similar to your field.
  6. absolutely. Great with a cashmere cardi or jacket over it.
  7. yes - very cute! You can find one that's not completely form-hugging, then it won't be "too sexy" for work.
  8. Yes, I love dresses. Wear a cardigan or cute little jacket over it.
  9. i would! i'd probably put a cardigan or blazer over it.
  10. I live in them during the spring/summer time however I do make sure they are not ultra form fitting and I keep a cardi over the top to down it down slightly. I'd go for it!
  11. Yes, absolutely! You can dress up the 'formality' side of things with careful consideration of accessories - I wear suiting-style dresses to work with closed-toe pumps and structured neat handbags. I will sometimes wear a jacket or trench over them to the office.

    I live in dresses in summer, I loved watching Anna Wintour in The September Issue in all her dresses and neat skirts - obviously most of us don't work at Vogue, or even in fashion, but it's still a great source of inspiration for those of us trying to combine femininity AND professionalism in the workplace IMO.
  12. I think it depends on your body type. The same way the appropriateness of a neckline depends on your bustline, the appropriateness of a pencil silhouette depends on the size of your booty. I have a big ass and would not wear a fitted dress to work, but I think if you are narrower it's probably fine.
  13. i would probably wear it with a boyfriend cardigan to add some casualness to it. a nice waist belt over both pieces to finish it off.
  14. I would. But it may be too sexy or formal for your office....
  15. Why do most of you think that suiting dresses are sexy? I'm thinking of dresses like this.
    I don't think they are much sexier than a fitted pencil skirt with silky tank top. It just seems like business casual to me.