Would you wear a pearl ring on your forefinger?

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  1. I couldn't resist it. I wanted this kind of ring for ...let me think...last 15 years maybe. I finally found the exact one I wanted, very simple and original, in my opinion(?)
    I plan to wear it on my right hand forefinger, what do you think? No other rings/bracelets except wedding(cartier trinity on the left hand).
  2. It's a really pretty ring and will look lovely wherever you wear it. My only concern would be that pearls are fragile, and it may get banged around a lot on that finger, especially if your right handed.
    Meanwhile, congrats on getting the ring of your dreams.:yahoo:

  3. lovely. I'm so glad that you finally found it!
  4. I was thinking about that too for long time. I'll try to be very careful.

    Thank you girls :tender:
  5. My thoughts exactly. But I like this ring and love the idea of wearing a ring on the right forefinger. Congratulations on fulfilling your dream!
  6. It is very pretty, that is a nice size pearl!
  7. I think it'll look great... do it
  8. Very pretty.....love it
  9. It's pretty! Where did you find the ring? Online?
  10. Personally, I'd wear it on my right ring finger, as I also think it would be less vulnerable there. :yes:

    I don't find wearing rings on my forefinger very comfortable, either, for some reason. :shrugs:

    But that's probably just me! :biggrin:
  11. nice ring, but personally i wo'nt wear it on my forefinger in fear of the pearl coming off....
  12. I love rings on the forefinger - I think it looks very chic!
  13. I received my ring! It's SO BEAUTIFUL! Even better than I expected. I've decided to get a pair of pearl studs also.
  14. Be careful with it! It is gorgeous though!
  15. Beautiful ring!!! :heart: I like the idea of wearing it on your forefinger.