Would you wear a Burberry quilted jacket?

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  1. I bought a Burberry quilted jacket a few years ago, but I realized that I haven't worn it in ages. I can't get past this feeling that it is out of style (even thought it is a classic piece). I also rarely, if ever, see someone wearing one. Is anyone here buying or still wearing their quilted jackets? Does anyone else think it's out of style?
  2. Yup, I still wear mine during the fall and spring months. No idea if they’re in or out nor do I care. I like how they look and they keep me warm. I also see others still wearing theirs. My hubby commented last week that a woman sitting next to us was wearing my Burberry jacket.
  3. I thought they were classic pieces of clothing. I wear mine during the spring & fall months and they sell out quickly when they go on sale. I see plenty of people wearing these jackets. I try not to purchase the new It/Fad fashion clothing as this will look dated. Burberry quilt jackets to me does not fall into this category.
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  4. completely agree i still wear mine
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  5. Me three:tup:
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  6. Definitely a classic piece. And if you look at High Street shops like Uniqlo etc, there are always quilted and puffer style jackets in stock.
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  7. Ditto! I love it and sometimes it's the right kind of casual.
  8. Definitely not. My mom (very fashion-conscious woman!) wanted one for years, bought it, and has since been wearing it for years so just goes to show you how long it's been in style! It's a very classic British style, something you'd see on Kate Middleton, and in America, it's quite a preppy style. My best friend who is Southern-style preppy/elegant wears one all the time as well!
  9. Always in style...a classic!
  10. I still have mine, classic.....
  11. Of course I will!
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