Would You Wear A Bright Orange Bag?

  1. I have a bright orange bag in leather that I loved - and wore for the first time today. I figure it's a great bright UNUSUAL color to wear and seems to be surprisingly neutral (believe it or not), but when I went out with my daughter briefly to the mall today, I was like OMG - EVERYONE IS STARING AT THIS REEEALLLY BRIGHT ORANGE BAG!!! Now I'm having doubts. Any thoughts???:confused1: It's a 100% leather bag - nicely made...not cheap and gross so that would be like a double-insult...but?????
  2. I think everyone was staring because it's such a beautiful bag! Unless the color is a lot different than the pic you took, I think it's pretty! IRL is it orange like an orange (fruit) or pumkiny orange like an orangey rusty brown? If you understand what I mean, start worrying about yourself! LOL!
  3. It doesn't look that bright in the photo. I have a bright orange bag too. I love it, good for summer.
  4. I like orange actually! It is a pretty colour your bag.
  5. That's a striking color! I wouldn't worry about the stares. Carry on!
  6. Oh, I totally would! Myself, I would go with an warm orange (just b/c I'm warm-toned). I would love a Hermes orange or potiron!
  7. I love orange bags! I don't see that they are any brighter or louder than many other summer bags - stark whites, lime greens, bright reds, lemon yellows. In fact, I think an orange bag is far more versatile than many other colors and can be carried for far longer in seasons other than summer.
  8. I'm going outside in the front to take a picture in the sun! I looked at that picture I posted in my dining room and I'm like "it's not killer enough!!!
  9. I would totally carry an orange bag! I think nice orange shades are stunning!
  10. Just keep in mind that it matches (not neccessarily match match) or goes well with your outfit! You don't want people to stare at you because they think you're a clown.
  11. Hmmmmm.....this is a little better.....
  12. I'd absolutely wear an orange bag, I wish my skintone was different so I could pull it off better but I think yours is GORGEOUS!! Wear it with pride :smile:
  13. Like the ripest orange on the planet!!!
  14. Absolutely!! I love bright colored bags!
  15. I would wear it and LOVE it!!!:tup: