Would you wear a belt with this long gown?

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  1. Hi there I earned a Caribbean Cruise through the Company I work with. Now we are not cruise people but a free jolly is a free jolly right? I need a long dress for the formal nights and thought of maybe using this one. However I feel like I want to add a belt, it just looks empty to me. What do you think?
    Thank you

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  2. Yes, maybe a silver,shiney one????
  3. I would wear a bangle or bracelet that thick enough to be noticed and yet
    not too loud instead.
  4. Definitely :smile: a plain silver one would be nice !
  5. It depends where the waist-line is whether you can add a belt or not......it's hard to see from the photo but if the black goes to the waist, it should be fine, if the black stops higher then no, it wouldn't work as the proportions will be weird.........

    If you are going to wear a belt, I think a plain black one would look better (it's more discreet) and easier to match than silver.
  6. Thank you so much ladies, what you can't see properly from this picture is that the top has a gold metal piece so not sure silver belt will work.
    I think I would try a black thin one.
    Princess Pink the waist line hits me on my waistline and my waist is my best asset, I am blessed with a long and narrow trunk about the only body part I can't fault :biggrin:
    Ok and what about shoes? Nude, gold?
    Thank you for your help.

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  7. Those pictures look quite horrible, the dress is a lot nicer irl. Promise LOL
  8. I would not wear gold shoes.....Nude shoes, yes!
  9. Merci :smile:
  10. Yes. It will look much better with a thin black belt
  11. Yes, nude shoes absolutely! And a thin black belt, possibly with a (small) gold buckle? I think a patent black would look more 'evening' than a regular black leather as well.
  12. I think this dress would look lovely with a velvet waist belt with a gold/sparkly clasp. As for shoes I would probably go for black with some gold accents. I've just googled some images of what I roughly had in mind :smile: Would love to see pics of what you end up deciding on!

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392039819.869891.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392039830.751982.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1392040465.278569.jpg
  13. Lyndat those shoes are to die for :smile: I can't find them in the UK do you have the name please?
  14. gucci ophelie :smile:
  15. I think a a black sash-like belt with beading/embelishments will look nice. I think either gold strappy shoes/sandals.