Would you want your little girl to wear this?

  1. :wtf: !!.... Oh dear..
  2. Despite the hideous-nesss of that outfit I wouldn't want my kid dressed in that style of clothing anyway! lol
  3. depends, what it is?
  4. lol no
  5. SUre if I was trying to teach them how to hook on the blvd. :rolleyes:

    Not only is it tacky...I wouldn't want my child wearing a style like that because it looks trashy.
  6. It's shorts and a shirt.
  7. No way :tdown:
  8. I've no child but def. no :lol:
  9. If I had a kid and that outfit was real, because I know it would look nicer than that =)
  10. :wtf:

    Oh my.
  11. TACKY:throwup::yucky:
  12. hahaha Im sorry but I had to laugh!
    Its a very interesting. Enough said.:roflmfao:
  13. Ummm. No thanks. Maybe if I saw it on it would look better.
  14. Trashy as hell, fake, and how ugly is that fabric? No!