Would you wait or get something else?

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  1. I just found out the Camilla Flap I am in:love: with is unavailable. Looks like I will be getting it in the June/july time frame. I have been contacting other places and am getting the same story. Would you just wait it out, or maybe choose something else. I don't know what I should do. On one hand I am so anxious to make a purchase on the other hand I think I would still long for my original choice. Hmmmmm, food for thought. Thank you for any advice.
  2. In my experience, when I've really, REALLY wanted a specific Chanel handbag, I have found a way to get it . . . no matter what. I could have spent $$$ for another style, but sooner or later, I will buy the bag I've been lusting after!

    I suppose what you ultimately choose to do might depend on your financial situation . . . I know that would affect my decision, especially if I were lusting after a limited edition Chanel or something just as expensive.

  3. you buy the bag you want

    you don't make do ;)
  4. wait! don't settle for 2nd best! have you tried checking w/ Hirshleifer's?
  5. I would definitely wait. You will always be thinking about the camellia flap if you buy an alternate bag.
  6. Wait. Get the bag you love.

    Even if you settle and get something else now, you would likely still be thinking about the camellia flap. And probably buy it later. Which could be in June or July. :smile:
  7. I would wait for the bag that you really want. I know it's hard because it's on your mind and you feel this desire to have it right away but you know sometimes the fun in the chase! Good luck and I'm sure your detective work in tracking it down will pay off!
  8. you need to wait!!! Or else you will always be thinking about the bag you REALLY wanted!!!
  9. Definitely wait! If you're paying so much for a bag, you need to be 100% satisfied with it!
  10. with Chanel, buy the bag that you really2 want
  11. so true, I will wait. This bag is everything I want for a bag right now. I want the size and style specifically, I don't want bigger or smaller so it's worth it. I am calling more places in the morning. I ordered from Hirshleifer's so at least if I can't find it, eventually it will be mine. I did order a pair of earings so I will have a nice little package to look forward to in the mean time. thanks for all the feedback.
  12. ^Good choice! :yes: I have found in the past that when I settled for a bag that I didn't love or want as much just for the sake of having a Chanel RIGHT NOW I am forever yearning for my original HG.. I'm in the same boat as you, still waiting (for $$ and bag to be available). Satisfying my Chanel cravings with accessories here and there too :biggrin:
  13. I think Hirshleifer's may be one of the few stores that actually still sells the bag. I bought mine in the summer from them... hope you can find it sooner, but if not definitely wait
  14. Did you try BG? I saw one there a couple days ago, but I'm not sure if it is still there / if they had more
  15. wait for what you REALLY want!