Would you wait for the ss 08' sale?

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  1. I don't know but I will get one next week. I don't care about the 30% off sale as I have to wait for many months to come. I always get melt with the Pink bag and the price is as cheap as a wallet.
  2. aww the pink trim tote is too cute. It does not show on the US site. I hope you get it, its really cute. Great for summer!!!
  3. I personally would but thats just me! I am waiting for the sale for over 10 pair of shoes because it will nearly save me 50%
  4. I noticed that it was on the UK website, I was wondering if I were to call my local store (canada), would they be able to special order me any item on the UK website? I know they can do it for the US...but not sure if they do for UK.

    thanks :smile:
  5. i would wait but that's just me too..
  6. i love the pink trimmed...