Would you wait for the sample sale?

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  1. I really want the plain Night MA or MAM (can't decide which yet) and would LOVE to get it at a discount, but also don't want to run the risk of it not being available at the sample sale and also selling out online so it's not available anywhere.

    So my question is...would you buy it now using a discount code or take a chance and see if it shows up at the sample sale??

    Or do you think there might be other black MA or MAM bags available at the sample sale? I have my heart set on one of these in black.
  2. if theres a place that has the bag you want and offers a code, i say go for it. it's kinda risky if you wait for the SS, not knowing what they're going to offer.
  3. I agree with momo. :yes:
  4. I would het one now, I don't know about you but whenever I wait the bag I really want gets sold out and I end up buying something else.
    BTW is the sample sale or just the discounted sale also going to be online?And any idea when? I live in the Middle East so all my RM shopping is online!
  5. For me, I will order online with a code even though I'm in NY, because if I want to go to a SS in NYC, I need to drag myself on a train/subway for 2 hrs each way. Plus I have to pay sales tax too. Online may be tax-free and free shipping :lol:
  6. The sample sale sells out fast! Chances are better than not you will not get the bag you want. Maybe even nothing at all!
  7. If you realy love it, I'd get it immediately. The sample sale may not have it.
  8. I woudl buy it because with the way bags have been sellign out on all the sites int he last two weeks in lightning speed I am thinking unless you can attend the sample sale there will be too many people clamoring for too few bags.
  9. ITA with everyone! If it's a must-have bag for you, then hunt around, find the best price, and buy it. Waiting for the SS can be really risky. Even if they do have it at the SS, it may sell out in person and then you have no chance of getting it online.
  10. SS are always a stressful affair and there is no guarantee of what styles will be out there. Usually SS have styles from the past season that are overstock or haven't sold very well and you would probably see on sale anyway. Occasionally you do find a couple gems but people snatch those up right away so unless you're standing at the right place at the right time chances are you are better off paying a little bit more and getting it elsewhere.

    I've heard of SS horror stories too where women literally have taken bags out of other people's hands.