Would You Use............

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  1. the Ergo tote in the winter? would it fit on your shoulder with a coat or is the strap drop too short?
  2. I have a large Ergo in turquoise and I would use it in the winter. I am a "strappin' lass" and the handles fit nicely over my shoulder right now but I am not sure how it would fit with a bulky coat. I guess it depends on the coat. HTH
  3. Tthe large tote has a 9" handle drop. It would be snug with a bulky coat, probably slide off a lot. But yes, I too would use in winter.
  4. I plan on using my Ergo Tote in the Winter. by then it should have a patina formed on the vachetta leather. I
    tend to wear fitted coats so I am sure that it will go over my coat just fine.
  5. I probably won't use mine in the winter because of how soft and the buttery the leather is (plus because of the open top). I'm a little more "rough" with my bags in the winter so I want something that I don't have to worry about (stuff falling out, fitting over my coat, etc.).