Would you use this bag?


Would you buy this bag for $25?

  1. Buy it!

  2. Yuck!

  3. It's ok but not my taste.

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  1. I think it's cute but it might also be a little crazy. It'll cost me about $25. Should I get it?

  2. my mom always said if in doubt, dont. i think it sounds like u r kinda iffy about it and maybe settling for a quick fix
  3. ^^I know what you mean...It looks really cute in the pic but might be too much in person...kind of like some Isabella Fiore bags. Very pretty to some people and really hideous to others.
  4. Unh.... It is a very interesting bag.
  5. ITA ... your mama is a smart woman;)
  6. It's a little much...but all that matters is that you love it. Do you love it? Or do you just like it? I always give myself a week. If it's just an impulse buy, it'll usually pass by then.
  7. Not my style but if you love it go for it.
  8. Wow that's a bargain! I totally agree with knasarae, if YOU love the bag then go for it! I think it's pretty and at a great price.

    Try to think of what you could match it with and if it's something you actually see yourself wearing often.

    For $25 though, I doubt you'll regret it THAT much if you don't like it as much IRL.
  9. it isnt really my style - but if you like it go for it.
  10. I think it is really cute for the spring and summer and would look great with white or denim. I don't think you will get that much wear out of it but for 25 dollars that is probably o.k. I say go for it if you love it. I bet you will get tons of compliments too.
  11. It's kinda cute in its own way but way too girly for me. It looks kinda fragile...would you use it often? Is it something that you just can't pass up? Or would you rather save for a bag that you've "got" to have?
  12. It has a certain bohemian appeal, but how much do you think you will really use it? Do you have any blank spots in your purse wardrobe for which you need a less eclectic bag?
  13. I would say if you have doubts, don't do it...even though it's only $25, put that $25 into a fund for something you REALLY want.
  14. for 25 dollars you'll find somewhere to use it!!
  15. Sure, for $25...why not?!