Would you use Bidpay or money order?

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  1. If a seller doesn't take paypal would you pay with BIDPAY or with a MONEY ORDER?

    I just bought some shoes (about $250) before I realized she didn't take paypal (but she has FB of over 250 and 100%)

    Anyhoo - which would be safer to use? (oh ya - it's going from Canada to the US)

    THANKS =)
  2. I would use a credit card through bidpay
  3. BidPay & credit Card
  4. No matter what, never send money order for payment. It's too risky (and I know this from experience, having lost almost $800 once on a bad eBay transaction that I stupidly completed outside of eBay).
  5. Bidpay!

  6. OUCH - that's horrible!

    Thanks guys - I am going to use bidpay with my credit card :flowers: