Would you use baby wipes on Chanels?

  1. I just bought a black patent leather Chanel vintage bag and wondering if you would think it's safe to use baby wipes to clean some sticky parts on the bag? :confused1:
  2. I use baby wipes on all of my Chanel bags, including the black patent Luxe tote. Patent is especially easy to wipe clean as the black attracts dust like a magnet.

    I will be getting a black Soft and Chain hobo soon and am wondering how the baby wipes will take to lambskin. Anyone know?
  3. I use them all the time on my chanels, but, they are all caviar or goatskin. I also use them on white pradas, etc.
  4. I have also used baby wipes on my Chanels, caviar, goatskin, and patent. I use the baby wipes mostly on my patent flap and they clean my bag just fine.
  5. Hm, I'd be afraid to use the wipes on my patent bag. I'd be afraid it would leave a film at some point or it would lose its luscious luster.
  6. Well the thing is I have a black patent vintage bag and it has this sticky film all over it. I tried using one already and it's still there. :crybaby:

    Anyone know what that could be from? It's in really good condition except for the stickiness.
  7. Sounds wierd...hmm I wish I knew. I use baby wipes on my vinyl but need an alternative for lamb and caviar.
  8. Maybe you could call a Chanel boutique and ask for advice on cleaning the patent?:shrugs:
  9. Roey, do you use it on your Cloudy too???
    Alouette, I wonder if they used some kind of leather conditioner on it ... patent is not as delicate as lambskin or calfskin, you can try something like a disinfecting wipe or Windex.
  10. Yup, on my Cloudy too, and on my calf and caviar bags. I also dry the leather with a soft cloth after I've used the baby wipe. And sometimes when my bags have been places I feel are yucky (public bathrooms for example), I'll very gently go over them with a Clorox or alcohol wipe. I don't rub, just lightly run the wip over the leather and immediately dry it off.
  11. Great!!! I've got some black unknown mark on my bowler and I was going to give it a try since I've used the baby wipes on other bags but I was afraid of the finish coming off from the CB. Good tip about the sanitizing Roey, thanks!!!
  12. Well someone from Margaret's cleaners just emailed me and said the stickiness I'm feeling might be from the "glue" that is used in patent leather. That's usually incurable..?:wtf::confused1:

    I had no idea patent leather was so...sensitive. I know it's vintage but geesh!
  13. what about on a cambon bowler - black and white combo? TIA!
  14. Baby wipes won't really remove dirt unless it is superficial. I use them more for freshening purposes versus cleaning. If the wipe is saturated with liquid I will wring it out before applying to the bag. Some wipes are "wetter" than others.
  15. I know there is Coach Cleaner for only $10 that I keep hearing about. They also have leather moisturizer as well. I've heard that that's what they use to clean bags at the Chanel boutiques (in the back obviously).

    I would only use Coach Cleaner on caviar leather. I wouldn't use it on patent or lambskin.

    I would use baby wipes on Caviar and Patent, but not lambskin. On lambskin I'd personally probably just maybe use a sturdy damp paper towel.

    Good luck! (BTW I'm not a cleaning bags expert, but that's just personally how I clean my bags).