Would you use a Keepall 45 as an everyday bag ?

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  1. Tell me what do you think about it ... :supacool:
  2. i wouldn't because i'm only 5'1 and that would be wayyy too huge for me!
  3. I really think it's too big for everyday IMO! Unless I were a traveling salesperson :biggrin:
  4. ive seen a pic of a runway model as a keepall as everyday use

    but thats cause shes a model XD
  5. And if you carry a lot do you think it would be a good size ?
  6. yep me too ..I am 5'3 .. My 40 speedy is my travelbag, way to big for everyday use..
  7. Its kind of big. IMO anyway.
  8. I think is ok if You like big bags. Why not?
  9. How long is it in inches?
  10. No~ Too big IMO.;)
  11. No, way too big....and I am a big bag girl. When I first bought my MC 45 I planned to use it as an everyday bag, because the MC speedy was a tad too small for me. I thought it would work well because it is so structured and un duffle like...but it just looked silly.

    I still love it, but not as an everyday bag.
  12. Maybe you can use a Carryall? It's slightly smaller than the Keepall 45, but a little more structured, and less duffle like.
  13. Yeah it's actually pretty big. I agree with voodoo..maybe try a Carryall instead.
  14. Nope, I use mine as an overnight or carryon bag. It's way big IMO...
  15. I like the 40 for an everyday use huge bag, but im 5'1 and 110 lbs, i like the overpowering bag! the 45 would be too big for me tho.