Would you try these?

  1. A friend of mine made these for me - would you try them? Im not sure if I should or not. They might be fun but I just might break my neck in them too. I mean high heels are tricky enough without wheels, right?
    Andreas pointy skates.jpg
  2. lmao!! thats the funniest thing ive seen all day. lol. haha please be careful. Otherwise you might not even be wearing shoes for a while with your feet in casts lol
  3. very marcel duchamp.
  4. who is marcel duchamp?
  5. I know what you mean - thats EXACTLY what I'm afraid of LOL!
  6. I can tell you I wouldn't try it on in a heartbeat. Not only would I break my neck, I'd probably break my ankles too.
  7. Marcel DuChamp was an artist in the DaDa era of surrealism (ala Salvador Dali)
  8. example:

  9. WTF? lol
  10. IMO that looks like an accident waiting to happen.
  11. One time on roller blades was enough for me. I'll pass on these!
  12. LOL Too cute...and dangerous. I think I'd take a pass on actually trying to rollerskate in them. How would you stop?
  13. oh goodness no. so cute though haha. and i like the heels on their own. you should blast those wheels off.
  14. hehe i would try them in the house?
  15. Lol, too funny