Would you trade in........????

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  1. I have an opportunity to get a Cerises pouchette which is TDF. But I can't as I just got the Manhattan, cles and wapity. So my question is this.......if you had the chance to get the cerises pochette, would you return the manhattan and get a speedy and the pochette, keep the manhattan and return the wapity for the pochette or what would you do???
  2. I would return the manhattan and get a speedy and the pochette, definitely.
  3. i would return the wapity. if you needed a smaller bag for inside your Manhattan you could use the pochette
  4. ITA!! :yes:
  5. return the cles and wapity
  6. Keep the Manhattan!
  7. Toss the Wapity b/c it's just something you could always get later on. Get the Cerises pochette! :yes:
  8. i am thinking you really really don't want the manhattan.......everyday you talk about returning it......if you feel that bad about it, maybe you should return it.......:confused1: ........or if your guilt is killing you, return it!
  9. You know spacytracy my head is spinning with your new questions! maybe cos I just come back from shopping! anyway why dont u just enjoy your manhattan for now. there will always be the next new TDF stuff! I would love to have a manhattan and it is my TDF bag! so relax and just enjoy your new bag and just :drool: on the other tpfs' new stuffs!:smile: trust me, you will be less stressfull!

    Also I assume the cerise pochette and the speedy are not brand new? I personally would enjoy the brand new manhattan more than a used bag. Just my 2 cents!
  10. Go with your gut. Which item do you currently have that you like the least? I'd part with the cles and wapity, if I had to make a choice.
  11. You need the Manhattan to carry the pochette in. Return the cles and wapity. You can't always get the Cerises.
  12. I would return the wapity.
  13. Good point!
  14. That's exactly what I was thinking!^
  15. I would return the Wapity for the Pochette.