Would you tell?

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  1. Hi all!

    What would you do if you knew or were told that a fellow PFer's H bag was
    not authentic? Would you just keep quiet or send a friendly pm to the PFer? Would that be helpful or ill-advised? This is assuming the PFer in question has not asked for opinions on authenticity and believes his or her bag to be real... :shrugs:
  2. hmmmmm......I really don't know, it would depend on whether I had known her/him for a while - then I would PM them....someone I wasn't too familiar with - I would just be hoping someone else would tell them.....!

    It's not me, LL...is it??? LOL!!! Just kidding, I know where all my bags have come from!!
  3. I would definitely like to be informed.
  4. I would definitely PM a mod to ask them for advice and they might take care of it. It's an upsetting thing to be told so it needs to be handled with great care and quietly so that the person in question does not feel even worse than they already will from the revelation.

    Hope that helps!
  5. ^ Totally agree.. Its the best way!
  6. PM a mod sounds good! Thanks so much.
  7. that's funny, GF!
  8. First of all...how do you know?

    Have pictures been posted on the forum? Has anyone been able to view the bag on the forum? If pics have been made and posted that is one thing...if no one has viewed the bag on the forum it is a bit different.

    That is a sticky situation IMO.
  9. Hi Kellybag,

    Yes, pics were posted on the forum, but not in the way of asking for authentication; just the usual happy-about-my-bag-here's-a-picture posting.

    I'm not an H authority at all, but someone who is, did call my attention to it in an unrelated discussion (not posted on this forum).

    I was thinking it might be best to keep quiet, really really don't want to offend anyone. But the thing is, it's possible the bag owner might want the info (and to head over to the H shop for his/her own peace of mind)...
  10. 2 scenarios:-

    1) If I sniff that the person knowingly bought a fake, and makes a song & dance about it here, then I would not bother.

    2) If the person appears to have bought one fake unknowingly, then I would help, so she can get her money back!
  11. That would be quite the dilemna! Oh dear......

    I think I'd like to know. My first Birkin was second hand - a beige Couchevel. And though it looked perfect, I had nagging doubts: This was of course before I had all of you wonder-women to help with authentication.

    At the end of a year of doubt, I found out that it was the real thing. I wish someone would have told me earlier and out me out of the misery of my self-imposed insecurity.
  12. Really a tough one.

    If this discussion keeps rolling she may even read about it here.

    If I were you I would pm her with the kindest of words and share with her what you know. Pm her with a message that you would want someone to send to you.

    I have seen some issues on here that are really nasty and I feel I would want someone to have handled me a bit different.
  13. I agree.

    Also, I would not bring a mod in to it. I would think the person would be embarrassed enough and even more mortified knowing that there were others who knew.

    I would just send a friendly PM and explain why you think it is fake, so she can get her money back.
  14. If she labors under the false impression that hers is authentic, I would certainly let her know (even if she hates me for it). At least if something can still be done, it can be done (eg. hunt down the seller)
  15. eep, its not me is it?
    I would definately tell.
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