Would you tell your SO if...

  1. you hated a gift you received? Is honesty the best policy, or should one be appreciative and not divulge?
  2. Yea but he never surprises me. He knows better ;)
  3. If it was pretty expensive and can be returned I think I would tell him as nicely as possible but if its something cheap or not returnable I wouldnt risk the hurt feelings over it.
  4. I think that I would tell him, or he would see it on my face- I have zero poker face. You should tell him, he obviously wants to make you happy, which is why he bought you a gift.

    Be careful how you go about it though, tell him you love it but, you really had your heart set on (.... whatever you really want- insert here)

    But that you love him and appreciate his generosity- or something like that
  5. LOL at the VERY beginning of our relationship, SO gave me a gold necklace.

    Well...I don't wear gold. Ever. It just doesn't look good on me.

    So I pretended to love it, but eventually told him that while I loved the necklace he gave me, I tended to prefer silver. :smile:
  6. I'm married 7 yrs and at this point I buy my own gifts, lol. In the beginning of our marriage, like that first year, he bought me gifts and I liked everything but 2, and I never said anything. And one of them he himself didn't even like and he returned it, he didn't know what it would look like in person. I never said I didn't like it, btw, he said he didn't like it and I may have agreed with him. My rule of thumb is don't tell someone you don't like a gift, it's rude. My mil and I have totally difft. taste and she gets me jewelry that I neither appreciate or like every year. I told my dh to tell her to get me a gift certificate this year, it couldn't come from my mouth but he could tell her and she'd get the hint and not be offended.

    My dh some years back got me a coach bag bec. at the time I wanted one. He got me a leather one and I wanted the signature line when it first came out, when coach bags were still made in the USA, lol. I never told him what I wanted and never expected to even get a coach bag, it was a total surprise. I was flattered but I didn't really wear the bag, it was completely not my taste. I gave it away to a friend a year later and he wasn't at all offended. I wouldn't have done that if I thought he would have been offended.

    It's very annoying to have to pretend to like a gift, I've been there many many times, but it's a fine line to walk in actually telling someone. I probably wouldn't say anything, that's my gut feeling. But when it's close to the next time I'm due for a gift, I would let my dh know what I wanted, lol.
  7. Yes....

    On our first anniversary he got me a promise ring that was half white gold and have yellow gold, he's a real artsy guy and thought it had some significance to the two colors. I, myself, thought it was hideous!

    I told him that it wasn't really my style and he was happy that I told him because he didn't want to to invest all that money in something that I didn't like and would want to replace anyway. So we went back to the store and he let me pick something out that I like.

    I've been wearing it ever since, every day.
  8. My b/f has bought me quite a couple of necklaces I neither like nor hate...I wear them occassionally so that he doesn't ask questions because I would not want to hurt his feelings :smile: However, if it was really expensive (and none of the gifts that I don't like were) I'd gently tell him that although I appreciate the thought, it's not really my taste. For m birthday, I told my mom what I wanted so she could tell him. I knew what I was going to get, but, couldn't come right out and tell him, lol...I'll prolly do that for our aniversary and christmas this year, as, both are a month apart, or, just take him to the store the day of our aniversary / a couple of days before Christmas so he doesn't have to go through the hassle again lol. Suprise gifts are great, but getting something you really want is better ;)
  9. I tend not to tell if I don't like it. try to be apperciative.
  10. I would first be very grateful of the gift that day. However, the next day I would see if the gift was inexpensive I would not say anything. If the gift was expensive and can be returned I would say it the nicest way possible.
  11. I'd defintitely tell him, and DH knows better now that to surprise me, unless it's something I already want and he knows exactly what color/combo, etc... to get.
    No point in keeping something to be polite that's just going to sit in a box somewhere.
  12. I think I would tell him very gently, as I know that he would want me to have something that I love rather than something I didn't!