Would you tell your friend if she had a fake Coach?

  1. .......and thought it was real? I have a friend who bought an obviously fake Coach while on her trip to the Caribbean (Bahamas). She was so proud of herself because she really thinks it's real (came with the tag, dust cover, etc.....). I'm thinking I should just let her be happy with her purchase (she paid WAY too much for a fake) but then again, I'd love to teach her about real Coach purses so she doesn't get scammed again.
  2. If it was a good friend, yes, absolutely. Most of my friends already know me as the Coach freak who hates fakes, so if they knowingly had a fake, they'd either never show me, or own up to it as fake immediately before I could do it. :smile:
  3. depends how good of a friend she is and how your relationship is. and if she would be upset that it was fake.

    i have a friend who has a fake coach, but i know she would be absolutely devastated if i told her it was fake...and it's for the best that she finds out on her own.

    i'm trying to expose my friend to the real thing and i just hope she figures it out.
  4. I would say YES, but break it to her very, very gently! Like kallison said, maybe try exposing it to her before saying anything. (Going on a ton of shopping trips to Coach stores, etc.) Then possibly, discovering it "together"... you know, "oh my gosh, this creed says made in the bahamas!", etc.

    I know, speaking from experience, I would have loved to have someone let me down gently!! (Got scammed from eBay when I much younger, much thinner, and much... non as wise about handbags! ;) Luckily, I didn't invest that much in a "fake authentic coach", but I still remember as I was learning more about Coach and starting to wonder the HORRIFIED look on the sales ladies' face that helped me get my first REAL Coach at an outlet. Her look kinda of sealed the deal, that "yeah, that baby is FAKE"....) You win some... you lose some.:shrugs:
  5. Considering it will probably ruin her day, I wouldn't. Maybe just expose her to more authentic bags.
  6. my best friend has a fake. I tried to let her in on some ways to know if its fake or real but she just didnt seem to believe hers was not real. In my case i dont want to hurt her or for her to think i'm "stuck up" or whatever.
    Its her who carries it....and i certainly tried to help her.
  7. one of my friends is HAPPY to carry a fake.

    I honestly had to take a second look at her bag...it's a black on black signature...and if you look fast, it's okay...(cause it's black on black)...but after about 5 seconds, I could tell.

    and she'll say 'oh yeah, it's fake! i would never pay retail!"

    umm..okay...I think I haul around at least $500 in coach merchandise daily...

  8. I agree. I wouldn't say anything, just because I don't think it's any of my business to inform someone they're carrying a fake, or to discuss it much. My stepmom is such case. She buys real D&B bags, but fake Coach and LV :shrugs: I went over to my dad's house Friday for dinner, and there were two new fakes - a Chanel and a Coach (a rip off of the holiday tote, I think). She took me to their closet, where she showed me two other "Coach" bags that she bought from a "friend of a friend". Then, she says, "I bought this one thinking you might like it," and shows me a terrible fake Coach, paper-thin fake white dustbag and all :push: Instead of saying, "Ew, that's fake, I'd never carry a fake, so tacky" blah blah blah, I politely said, "Oh, I just don't like black bags. You know me, always carrying something in a cool, different color! Keep it, I have so many bags as it is..."

    Okay, I know my story got out of hand, but my point is that telling her might hurt her feelings, even if you have good intentions. Keep exposing her to the real thing, like helen said. When you guys go shopping together, go into the Coach store or Nordstrom and look at real Coach bags and accessories. Things like that might help her see that the real thing is an investment, one that will last a long time! :smile:
  9. I think it would really hurt her. Just expose her to the real thing, take her to the Coach store or go shopping. A-lot of my friends carry fakes and i don't have the heart to tell them either.
  10. Here's the one big reason why if I was her - and everyone is different, I would want to know... one way or another... Because she thinks it is real.

    That puts her in direct threat of being called out by someone that may not even know her, and not realize that SHE doesn't even know! Even though I'm sure that doesn't happen alot, I read a post on here about that.

    I'd say let her down gently, and hopefully if you go the "expose her to as much Coach as possible", it will happen that she will start to catch on and possibly ask for your opinion. Then you can politely tell her what you think.

    Everyone is different though.
  11. but i think she should figure it out on her own. drop hints, if you have to ('gee, this outlet price is great since you can't find coach cheaper than this'...'i like how the hardware is really heavy and has some weight to it'...). simple stuff that might make her question what she has.
  12. I really think you should let her know before someone else does. I think hearing it from a friend would be better than a stranger telling her.
  13. I wouldn't. I'd probably educate her along the way and let her realize herself that it was fake?
  14. omg - true story (totally forgot about this) 2 Easter's ago, I had my husbands family and my family over for Easter dinner.

    DH's cousin (she was 19 at the time) is showing off her new Prada purse her (wealthy) parents gave her for her birthday.

    Enter in my younger, gayer, brother.

    "Well", he says "You know it's not real, right?" And he proceeds to point out what makes it fake (My brother goes to NYC often and loves Canal street...he stopped buying/carrying knockoffs years ago...but he knows what to look for.)

    Let's just say...she didn't speak to her parents for a very long time...she was EXTREMELY p*ssed. Her father couldn't understand what the problem was and her mother was trying to explain it to him...

    It's one thing to give your kid a bag and tell them it's fake...it's another to give your kid a bag and tell them it's real.
  15. I wouldn't tell her unless she asks - in which case I wouldn't lie. But there are some things that people really don't want to know, especially when a bag is new and precious. It might be easier for her to hear after the newness wears off.

    It is kind of a damned if you do, damned if you don't sort of situation. If you tell her, she will be upset at you and herself. If you don't, she will wonder why you let her carry a fake or didn't tell her.