Would you tell people you got your designer bags at a consignment store?

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  1. #1 Feb 7, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2010
    i'm a sucker for high end designer bags - mainly chanel, gucci, and LV. I get a lot of compliments on my bags and people often ask me where i get my bags from. Well, recently, i've been buying my bags through consignment to make my handbag addiction a little easier on my bank account. However... i feel uneasy about telling people i got them from consignment shops. It seems like some people look down on that or think it's tacky. People might think i am putting up a front - wearing designer bags to showoff my "wealth," but i'm really getting them used and paying a fraction of the price. Am i just being superficial and overthinking things? would it be wrong if i simply lied and told people i bought the second hand bags from a department store to spare the potential judgement?
  2. Ccheng my story is the complete reverse! The funny thing is that I tell people I got my bag second hand even if I bought my bag new. People around me do not get my love of bags, nore do I think spending alot of cash on accesories very accepted here in Holland (at least in my town / field it is not). So I'll tell people that I got my bag second hand. I feel silly about it some of the time, but the truth is I just want to move on to the next subject and not be judged because I love beautiful things and am willing to spend on them. So Ccheng I would'nt worry about that, or you can just tell people that you're not comfortable with that question.
  3. Why would you care? Who is judging you?
  4. Depends who you are telling - all my friends and family think it's insane to pay more than $30-$50 for a bag, so I downplay the cost as much as possible.

    I have one FP Coach but most of my name-brand bags come from Winners (Kate Spade for 60% off), outlets or consignment shops and I always point that out to head off remarks about "expensive" bags.

    If your friends have higher end bags and seem to look down on people who buy second hand or from outlets then maybe you shouldn't say anything to them.
  5. I think you should say whatever you're comfortable with!

    lots of people here get it on eBay, outlets or on sale. some don't mind telling people they only paid XXX, others would say that it retails XXX.

    personally I would say that it is a/an ___________ bag if they ask where it's from and if they ask how much I'd tell them the truth. doesn't bother me! though I'd be hesitant to tell them where (location wise) if it's a store that isn't well known..or a cosignment store where there would be more competition :P but that's just me
  6. I've found the same thing! But the only people who really ask are my coworkers, and half the time they're giving their opinion on something I'm thinking of buying. Otherwise, half of mine are discontinued colors or styles, so anyone who knows the bags would either think I bought them new xx many years ago, or secondhand.

    If something's new, and I'm getting their opinions, I'll go to a part of the website with no visible prices. I'm usually pretty open about finding things preloved, though...Unless I'm in the store. I don't think LV employees need to know that my bag wasn't bought there, for example.
  7. I'm pretty honest and admit which ones I bought at my favorite consignment store. I absolutely love the place and the owners/employees - I'd love to try and help them bring in more business! :smile:
    I guess the other thing is where I live, most people don't spend a lot of money on "nice" things - so in a way, I do feel awkward if I'm walking around with a brand new expensive bag.
  8. I actually am proud of my designer finds. I found a vintage speedy for 30.00 at a consignment store. I love it. It is my only vintage piece. If someone asks I will tell. My family thinks it is great that I get good deals on my bags. that can't understand paying
    1K for a bag.
  9. Smile. Then say: "I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you"!
  10. I don't usually get pre-owned bags but I do occasionally get clothing at a consignment store. If I get compliments on something I've purchased at a consignment store I usually say what a great deal I got.
  11. Good one!!!:biggrin:
  12. I don't mind sharing if something was a great deal! It really depends on who was asking and the tone of their question.
  13. If anyone was rude enough to ask me, I would tell them simply that I got a great deal on it. More friends usually ask where I got my shoes rather than where I got my purse.
  14. ditto;)
  15. I only tell friends that I got some of my bags at consignment...it makes me actually feel better because it shows that I shop smart.