Would you tell an ebay buyer that the bag purchased is a fake?

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  1. I was perusing eBay's completed listings to check the market value of a Chanel bag I may decide to list. In my search, I noticed a seller sold a horrible fake to a buyer for $1895! The buyer really believed it was authentic and left positive feedback stating such.

    I really want to email the buyer through eBay to let her know she was scammed, and to also point her to tPF for authentic photos of the same bag and an education. I know this would crush her and ruin her day, and of course that is not my intention. I just hate that she paid so much money for a fake Chanel and would like to see her go after this seller for a refund. The seller currently has the same bag listed again with a fake hologram and card, and I reported it to eBay. The authentic version retails for $2750; that seller ripped her off blind (and has 100% positiive feedback - go figure!).

  2. I've done it, but you can get your Ebay account closed for interfering. You could just send her a message inviting her to this forum and suggest she have any recent purchases authenticated. No interference there, just an invitation to a wonderful forum!
    Good luck!
  3. I know people will vary in their opinions, but in the past I have let buyers know that their purchases have been fake. In most cases they have been happy that I left them know. However, I understand that you can get in trouble by doing this, so proceed with caution.
  4. Good info, and much appreciated. I sell my items under my sister's ebay business which is also a retail store in the state of VA and would not want to do anything to compromise her stellar reputation. The buyer does assume some responsibility for purchasing a fake... she didn't educate herself after all.
  5. ITA Roey, if she believes that her item is authentic, why burst her bubble, it was her responsibility to compare her purchase to the real mcoy or at least look at past listings of authentic bags to get comparables.
  6. i've bought a fake, that was before i knew this forum existed. i was so new to ebay and very trusting.i thought hey it has to be authentic when they list it as authentic right? too bad ebay is way worse than i thought. and if i bought a fake, i would like to know, so that i can take leagal actions taking the scammers down and also make an effort againsting ugly replicas.
  7. If you really wanted to let her know, you could open another ebay account under another email.
  8. I agree, this would be a good way to do it. I know how you feel, I often find myself wanting to email buyers to tell them they've been ripped off, a used and slightly damaged bag I was watching yesterday sold for more than another that is listed as NWT! Another I am watching is only $10 off the Bloomingdales retail price and it's got 3 days left!
    The only thing is whether the buyer is going to have any recourse, there are time limits to what you can do, and there can't be much worse than finding out you have a fake and can't do anything about it. If it's likely too late I'd probably leave it.
  9. Yeah, eBay will come after you if you interfere!
    Also, they now have this new thing that you can't message another user unless you have or have had a transaction with them. It appears to be random, though, meaning sometimes you can send a message and sometimes it gets blocked.
  10. You should go tell the buyer the truth
  11. I do all the time! I contact the buyer and direct them here then I inform the seller that they have a fake. I have had nothing but sincere thanks from the buyers and a couple nasty remarks from sellers. I have recently had a seller steal my entire auction to sell a fake MJ. They copied the Title, Description and pics. Even the part that states I'm a member of TPF!!!:cursing: So frustrating!!
  12. Go to the bag listing and report the seller for fraud. You can write your explanation there and let ebay notify the buyer.
  13. I definately would...I had to tell a client of mine that 3 yes 3 Hermes bags she purchased were fakes...I won't tell you how much she spent!!! I hate all the fakes...drives me nuts...