Would you tell a friend her bag is fake?

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  1. My best friend of 35+ years who is more like a sister has been dating this guy for a couple months that has been laying it on pretty thick. I mean too good to be true thick. And she's all in. Anyhoo he brought these for her for Valentine's Day. They look fake to me. I've never seen this style of Michael Kors handbags. Not looking for authentication, but do they look authentic to you just at first glance? And if it is fake do you say anything?

  2. These do look fake. Does your friend think they are real ? I would feel bad bringing it up even though it would bug me so bad !
  3. I'm getting the impression that you're skeptical of this guy ("too good to be true") so if you're harboring any ill feelings toward him or this relationship, then bringing up the authenticity of this gift might start something between you and your friend, even if your heart is in the right place.
    If the bag itself is the only thing bothering you, then maybe you can delicately approach the issue by saying something like, "I've never seen this style before, I wonder where he got it." But if your friend doesn't seem concerned about the authenticity and where it came from then I'd just drop it. No need to start a problem where there is none.
    Good luck!
  4. It's bugging the crap out of me. She's never owned a designer handbag so she doesn't know. She's proud of the gift and blasting it all over FB and tagged me and our other two best friends in the pic so now everyone has seen them, even my friends. I was tagged in the pictures so I've had people inboxing me like umm those are fake. And asked if I said anything to her because they know how close we are. Maybe its just me, but if you are going to buy me a gift don't buy me a knockoff just don't buy me a handbag period. But maybe even he doesn't know. I'm sure he doesn't.
  5. Ok, now I can see why you'd want to intervene :sad:
    It's just a tough situation because you don't want to be the one to rain on her parade, and like you said, you're not even sure if he's aware that the bags aren't authentic. Guys aren't always in-the-know about these kinds of things, and he probably thought he was giving her a great gift.
    It's a touchy situation all around. Do you know how she might handle learning that they probably aren't authentic? She seems very excited, which might make it really hard news to swallow. But you know your friend better than any of us, and you know what you can and cannot talk to her about better than we do. I say go where your heart leads you to go with this one.
  6. I'm not sure what the answer is, but FWIW, I bet the guy actually knows darn well that the stuff is fake. I wouldn't be quick to give so much credit on that one!
  7. I agree considering that he probably knows MK is a designer with expensive products and I'm willing to bet he probably paid $50 for this
  8. I would make an offhanded comment on how you think the quality is great and it's an impressive knockoff. That way she can save face and pretend like she knew all along they were fake.
  9. Best friend of 35 years and like a sister

    Yes, I would tell her. Especially since she's posting it all over social media. That is embarrassing and I'm sure she'd want to know. Then, I'd tell her about the fabulous sales going on in case she wants to get an authentic one.
  10. I would tell her it is fake. I always tell my friends so they don't try and resell as authentic.
  11. She needs to know if these are not authentic. I stress "if" because I am too new to MK to say with certainty that they are fake, but my few months of infatuation with MK bags lead me to believe that they are fake.

    However, it's difficult to imagine a situation in which you do not appear to be the bad guy. Because of this, I would first try to be indirect and not approach her directly about it. She has been your friend for 35 years and this would not seem to be the thing to cause an irreparable rift in that friendship. I love my authentic designer bags, but a friendship of that duration seems more important.

    I would find/make a situation in which both he and she are present and you are all focused together (lunch/dinner at a restaurant) and she has the items with her. Gush over them to him and push him as to where he got them, because you would love to buy something similar for yourself/a friend/etc. Bottom line- I would try to put him on the spot when she is there and hopefully she will notice if he reacts oddly. If he doesn't give a definitive answer, I would follow up by looking online for the style with her present and perhaps you both can come to the realization "together" that they are fake after looking online and not likely finding this style to be an authentic one.

    If this would not work, then I think you need to consider telling her that you suspect that they are not authentic. If it were me, I would want to know. It also makes me wonder about the future of the relationship if he is knowingly passing off fakes to her as authentic. That's a big IF, but it seems a red flag to me. However, this runs the risk of her viewing you as the bad guy.

    I believe I've now completely overanalyzed this situation. I wish you the best in helping your friend!
  12. Ya these bags do look fake. Your friend will eventually find out that there fake or if you are having a conversation about these items I would just say " hey I don't think those are real MK bags" honestly I have no problem telling ppl that there stuff is fake.

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  13. I would confront the guy first. Ask him where he got them and if he knows they're fake. If he honestly didn't know, this will give him the chance to redeem himself by apologizing and buying her a different gift. He might have gotten tricked himself and he can get his money back. If he did know, tell your friend and let her know what the guy said so she can decide if she wants to be with a guy that would intentionally deceive her like that. It would be unfortunate to accidentally break up a relationship when he had good intentions all along. On the flip side, if the guy is shady, your friend should know so it can save her some heartache in the future.

    In any case, she needs to know they're fake because the longer she goes around flaunting them, the more mortified she'll be when she finds out they're fake. Plus it will hurt her if she finds out that people knew and let her carry them anyways.
  14. So what ever happened with this issue ??

  15. I want to know too!