Would you taste another chocolate?

  1. I would like to thank you:heart: :Jewelqueen,queenvictoria2,spay_and_neuter,handbagaddicted4ever,cracker,odd,thai friend,verty,fromparis;) ,rondafaye,tresorfaye,tresorchic,cat_inluv,ceejay,don't blow,fiatflux.
    Your advices were precious,I've kept my chocolate City 05.
    Here are some closer picts...:graucho:
    bal.jpg bal verso.jpg bal detail.jpg bal detail recto.jpg
  2. BEAUTIFUL!! Glad you kept it!;)
  3. I am happy that you kept her.
  4. Absolutely delectable :drool: :drool: :drool:
  5. very pretty.
  6. Very yummy, glad you kept her!!!!!
  7. gorgeous bag!!
  8. Beautiful color.
  9. I love chocolate! I have it in a First and a Day. One day I will get the Weekender and the Twiggy from my friend.
  10. Good decision.:yes: That color and leathe is gorgeous. I'm so craving a bite of chocolate rightnow.
  11. That is gorgeous! Definitely worth keeping.
  12. wOw!!

    Glad you decided to keep her! The leather on yours looks super squishy! not to mention you got a great deal :yes:
  13. Thank you so much:heart: :heart: :heart:
    Please,Queenvictoria...I'm a bit ashamed,but I don't know the word "squishy"....on dictionary I found that squish=marmelade:shame: ;)
    (I'm french)
  14. that's sure worth a keep :yes:
  15. i use my chocolate hobo everyday because the color is very versatile. def a great decision to keep the city!