Would you take your Mirage Griet to the Gym?

  1. I was waiting to go into a cycle class today and spotted a woman by the soda machine with the bordeaux mirage griet. I believe that if you have something you should use it but was a little surprised to see someone walking around in workout clothes carrying this bag. She set it down on the floor while she got her drink. Then she came into the exercise class and set it on the floor and did her workout.

    I have seen many woman carry designer bag at the gym but mostly totes and mostly bags that are less expensive ... and not LE's. Is this me or is this weird?
  2. I wouldn't do it. I would never set it down anywhere so then I'd have to exercise with the bag hanging over my arm...then everyone would think, "look at that nut". Nah....too much stress for me, I'd just leave it home, lol!!
  3. i personally would never take an LE to the gym. i'm not a trusting person and would worry about it getting stolen lol.
  4. Nope...I wouldnt
  5. if i have it (which i don't) i won't even consider taking it to the gym.. its not something that would remotely cross my mind. maybe she's trying to impress someone at the gym? :graucho:
  6. No, I would be afraid to put my LE into the little locker or even worse have it stolen. They invented totes for a reason and for me it will be a nylon tote that gets scrunched up in that metal slot.
  7. Would not do it.
  8. Nor me, would be afraid someone would drop something, sweat on the bag
    ( would take an nylon gym bag and leave my designers at home)
  9. No way!
  10. I wouldn't do it ... not that you'd catch me in a gym (LOL!) but not only would you be risking someone walking off with it ... what about all the germs? :yucky:
  11. I definitely wouldn't take ANY LV to the gym! :sweatdrop:
  12. Personally, I would never bring any designer bag to the gym. I'd rather bring a tote that I don't have to stress out about.
  13. I couldnt! I wouldnt bring and LE let alone and LV LE! I'm Very paranoid about the stealing!
  14. I personally wouldn't do it. But who knows, maybe that person came straight from work and decided to go to the gym and she rather take her bag down with her instead of leaving it in the car.
  15. I wouldn't even bring any LV to gym, not to mention LE's :sweatdrop: