Would you take your LV to Disney?

  1. I'm going to Disney in the fall and I planned on getting a Salsa to carry.

    I'm wondering if it's a bad idea, incase it rains, or water rides, etc.

    What do you think?
  2. I took my denim sac a dos, I spayed it with kiwi first, and it worked great. I even took it on the water rides and everything, it came through fine.
  3. I took my LV backpack to disney. The one thing I love about LV is that it can take a beating. I did not worry about rain or anything. My backpack was a couple of years old so it had a great patina. I just would not bring a bag whose vachetta was still white
  4. I plan to take my salsa to Disney with me this summer. I will use it at the theme parks. Mine already has a nice patina. I wouldn't take a new bag.
  5. I would take my marly because it has a patina already but I probably would take my Coach swingpack more then likley.
  6. I would do my monograms and epi, the more durable ones, but definitely not my vernis
  7. When I go I usually take my Coach Hamptons Tote ( takes a beating and keeps on ticking!) - But I would take an LV if it had a patina that was already established or a Damier piece.
  8. i usually take my gucci belt bag to tehse kinda occassion, so i don't have to carry anything on my hands and i don't care much about my gucci bags if it gets dirty or anything like that, and i'll be running around and eating with ALL my hands i don't have to worry about carrying anything and it fits a lot of stuff too hehe
  9. I would but I wouldn't take anything I have to 'Hand Carry' like a speedy, just purely because it's way too much hassle, when you getting on and off the rides you need your hands to be free, So I would take something simple, maybe a MC Sologne.
  10. I have taken my backpack and 2 of my pochettes...they worked fine
  11. I wouldn't take an LV bag to a theme park. As it can get wrecked so easily. I always take a waterproof across the body bag to these places. I have a small quicksilver one that goes with me everytime. As with the theme parks in the UK you can leave your bags at the side and I would not leave a valuable bag just laying there! But saying that Disneyland/World itself doesnt really have big thrill seeking rides like Universal - so maybe you could get away with using one?

    Isn't one of the new LV cup bags waterproof?

    QTbebe - I saw a gucci belt bag for sale at xmas but didnt think about using it at theme parks..:push:
  12. We visited the US last year and had no plans of going to disney. But since we didnt have anywhere else to go, we ended up visiting disney and universal studios. So I was carrying my monogram batignolle and was a little afraid of getting water stains on it. when we were there. Next time, I will bring a longchamp, something light, foldable and easy to carry around.
  13. i've always carried the monogram to disneyland without probs. but if it was raining, then i wouldn't and i would only opt for should bag styles to keep my hands free.
  14. I'm headed to Disney World this summer too. We go every year and I've never taken an expensive bag. I usually take a tote that can also work for my kiddo's gear (he's 6). But I always miss my LVs so much...:crybaby: that I'm thinking about taking one this year. He's old enough to carry his own stuff, right? lol
  15. I took my LV to disney. It was fun to get pics of my LV taken together with Donald and friends!