Would you take "Elisha" to the airport?


Jul 11, 2006
Chester, New York
I'm taking a weekend trip out of Newark to Las vegas in two weeks. I just bought a black Elisha and love it. It rests especially well on my shoulder compared to all my satchels. My only concern is the opening at the top. the magnetic closure is slightly defective. (I bought it from AE at 30% off and there are no more left.) i think it would be difficult for someone to stick their hand into the narrow opening when it is on my shoulder. would i be better off with my medium black bianca thatt zippers and has a turnlock? the elisha would really free up my hands for my suitcase and carryon. i do worry about pickpockets. Any advice?


Feb 22, 2007
I think you're fine with the Elisha. As you stated, it's pretty hard for someone to stick their hand in there when it's secured on your shoulder. Now I will say that in Vegas, I think it's very easy to get distracted at the gaming tables. Although there's always security, I normally keep my purse in my lap or in between my feet if I'm at a slot machine or playing blackjack. I have a black Elisha and it's a great travel bag since it will hold magazines, a water bottle and a book. Have a good trip!