Would you still recommend YSL Bags, quality-wise?

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Would you still recommend YSL Bags, quality-wise?

  1. Yes, the quality concerns are isolated and more like flukes.

    22 vote(s)
  2. No stay away!

    4 vote(s)
  1. I'm looking for a "grown-up" bag (my bags are Balenciaga motos and Givenchy Pandora) and I like silver hardware. I'm thinking of getting the YSL Envelope or something in the same price range. However, because of quality issues in this forum, I'm wary.

    My fashion is more rocker chic, that's why I want something that I can use in special occasions but will also not clash with my normal attire should I use it. I don't like the LV prints, I can't afford Chanel, and Gucci marmont only has gold hardware, and I only like silver hardware since my jackets/shoes are all silver hardware.

    Would you recommend to buy still? Or stay away?
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  2. I love my 3 YSL bags and I haven't had any issues with quality. I would absolutely recommend YSL and plan to purchase more in the future.
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  3. I also love my YSL bags. Never had a problem and love using them!
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  4. Same! There are several other YSL bags on my wish list!
  5. I have five Saint Laurent bags and I have been very happy with them.
  6. I own two YSL bags and dont have any problems with them. They're my fav bags!
  7. I’ve never had any quality issues with my Saint Laurent bags. They’ve always been great. :smile:
  8. +1
  9. Go for it! I love the silver and gray or silver and nude combos
  10. also if you have concerns about quality, buy from a great dept store like Nordstrom. Try to stay away from the boutique as they have pretty stringent return policies and for store credit most of the times.
  11. I have 2 YSLs and I love them. I think the quality is great and would consider buying others. I use them both more than I ever thought I would.
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    If you are looking solely at the envelope or the price range around 1000eur I would say no and stay away. There are a lot of issues with YSL recently which are well documented in the forum, and I had first hand experience with my Sac De Jour. I witnessed how the brand’s quality gone downhill (the leather and the built on my sis’s Muse and my SDJ is heaven and earth apart). The caviar leather now is nothing in compared to the chyc tweed leather of the past even though both are embossed leather.

    I would strongly recommend that you bring your money over to Dior. I have seen their new (or revamped) Lady Dior pouchette in the boutique and I was totally amazed, it’s full leather with a removable pouch AND a card holder (you get 3 separate items for buying one product).

    The look on the Dior is more adult than YSL, low key and a lot less ostentatious, yet equally rocker chic if you get it in patent leather. If not for the fact that my heart got broken by the SDJ incident (which I kind of mentioned on another thread) and currently on ban island, I would so totally get it.

    And it’s cheaper than a envelope in similar size.

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  13. I agree with you about the Sac De Jour. I have the Baby Sac De Jour and I don’t think they use the most luxurious or thick leather to make the SDJ. But the new Souple SDJ has better quality leather than the previous SDJ models. However I have not had any quality issues. It has been a really sturdy bag. I think the envelope bags have even better quality, the leather is very hardy and durable. So I’d still recommend the YSL envelope to anyone. :smile:
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  14. I agree. I have the envelope bag and I have no issues with it. Leather is very sturdy.
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  15. Ok that pochette is nuts Thanks for sharing!