Would you still get a bag your friend had and vice versa?


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Feb 28, 2010
Bay Area
I've been wanting the galliera mono for six months.
I told my (very competitive) friend that I loved this bag 6 months ago.
She told me she liked the azur galliera. She then bought the Galliera pm mono for herself last month right before I planning on buying mine. I was happy for her/fine with it, but she then proceeded to
tell me in front of others that I better not buy the same bag as her...wth!

I thereforE pondered and when I bought my first lv, I finally bought trevi pm, which I love. But I'm ready to buy my 2nd lv, and am wanting the galliera pm mono still.

Would you buy a bag your friend had?
Would you care if a friend bought a bag you had?

I would never care if someone bought something I had, but my friend made me feel really bad, even though I initially wanted the galliera months ago.


Aug 4, 2007
It is YOUR purse.. if you love it.. buy it! Don't let friends (and their competitive ways) get in between you and your love!!

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Sep 23, 2008
I wouldn't care at all if my friend had the same bag, in fact i'm quite certain that a lot of us here on TPF carry the same bags LOL! It's not like LV only made a limited number of Galliera's, it's one of their stock bags. You should be able to buy whatever you want to buy! It's like picking out a sweater in a large department store and then having someone tell you not to get the same sweater. If they don't want to be *copied* they should look for a much more exclusive sweater KWIM? You have every right to purchase and carry whatever LV bag you want, and your friend isn't really being much of a friend if she makes you feel otherwise! Hopefully she was just joking and no one will say anything to you! Go get your Galliera!


May 20, 2008
I say...... save up! and get yourself a SPECIAL ORDER Galliera in Damier Ebene!! This would be a definite stylish, sought after purse!! i'm just saying... there will always be a better bag that LV will make -- but do get what you want if you wanna get one now. i have one friend who practically got every bag that we (her girlfriends) have.. she wont care if its pre-owned. But she will buy every single one... never bothered us.. but yes we ended up talking about it amongst ourselves coz it got out of control (for her overall spending spree..)

you go girl..!


Sep 25, 2009
if she was a mature friend, she wouldn't have said that to you especially infront of other..thats just rude:nono:..u get what u want..dnt settle for for something just because of someone else :amuse:


Dec 2, 2009
Dallas, TX
i would never do that! i always encourage my friends to get my bags because i love them so much! and its just goofy when we have the same bags :biggrin: we just laugh it off. anywho, get the bag YOU want! im sure youll look better w it anyways :smile:
Dec 19, 2008
If it was going to be my ONLY bag, then no. I wouldn't want to use a bag everyday that my friend has.
But since you already have a Trevi, go for it. You can still alternate LVs when you need to and still get the bag you love.


Nov 28, 2006
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"F" her, buy what you want.

I have lots of the same bags as my friends and then they have bought lots of the same bags as I own. None of us care. But then again most of my friends are tpf'ers so we all have the same love for expensive bags.


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Jul 15, 2007
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I really hate it when people do this. I used to buy alot of Coach and I had a friend who copied EVERY SINGLE PIECE that i bought. I eventually outgrew Coach and moved onto more expensive things. She tried to become a mini version of me which I found disturbing. But this is not the same case, its ONE bag. Its NOT a big deal. There are billions of ppl out there who also have the Galiera. Don't let this woman push u around like that!@


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Feb 28, 2010
Bay Area
Thanks everyone...yea I've been thinking she's not that much of a friend...
I will get the galliera and just wear the trevi around her, I'm not one to ruffle feathers...also becuz we have to see each other a lot due to
other "mutual friends"


Feb 13, 2010
If it's what you want you should definitely get it. She knows you've wanted it for ages so she can hardly get upset with you for buying it - if she does, well perhaps she's not such a great friend. (I suspect you'll probably have the Galliera in your life longer than you'll have her anyway!!)

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Aug 8, 2006
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Glad you're still planning on getting the Galliera but if I were you I'd carry the bag whenever you want. It's a lovely bag that you spent money on, no need to hide it especially when she's not that great of a friend.