Would you still buy LV if it was made in China?


Would you still buy LV if it was made in China?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  1. Just a thread created purely out of curiosity. Would you continue to buy LV if it was made in China? Why or why not? All opinions welcome!
  2. No, because I believe quality would go down to cut operating costs. If there were absolutely zero changes in quality versus a US, France, etc. made-bag, then I wouldn't mind if it was made in China.
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  3. I wouldnt buy if they are going to still charge the same price. As production cost would be cheaper in China. But it would be a big risk for LV if they did. I feel it would have a negative impact on them in the long run.
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  4. Probably.... I wanted to say "no!" at first then thought "whom am I kidding?!" I would always buy a LV even if it t was made in Hell as long as it stood up to its name and fit all the quality standards.
  5. I couldn't bring myself to buy LV if it were made in China.
  6. NEVER..... BECAUSE ITS MADE IN CHINA!!!! Now, you have me thinking why I have two bags made in USA..
  7. No
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  8. Only if the prices dropped to accordingly with the lowered labor expense.

    I have handmade leather bags from China that are amazing, but I can't justify spending thousands on a bag when I know that's how much they'd make in a year.
  9. Absolutely NOT!
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  11. Yes, if it has the same quality.
  12. I worked for an American manufacturer of a high end finishings. I found that Europeans are willing to pay top dollar for things manufactured in the States. Even when the same product is available in their country and has a great reputation of quality world wide and vice versa, Americans will pay top dollar for items manufactured in France even when they can obtain a quality made material from the states. But no matter where I go, China has a bad reputation. I think their codes for acceptable handling and procurement of materials has a lot to do with it even before you take into account manufacturing. Not all leathers are equal in quality. I would hate for LV to move to China.
  13. No.
  14. Absolutely Not.
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  15. No, I won't be buying anymore even if the quality is the same or the prices reduced.