Would you still buy it if you were me?

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  1. My SO is graduating and it's his birthday soon, so I want to get him a nice gift that's memorable and a keepsake. There's a watch that I've been wanting to get him but it was too expensive, so when I saw a special discount on Company A online I immediately order it. This is where the problem starts. Sorry it's quite long and I'm not very good at explaining things. :oh:

    The next day I got an email telling me there's a problem with my order regarding my credit card. It turns out Company A could not verify my information with my card company, they decided to cancel my order without speaking with me first. I quickly called my card company to see why I wasn't contacted if they believe the transaction was a fraud. It turns out my credit card company has already approved it (I later found out Company A can claim the money within a week when I called my card comany again to cancel the pending transaction). I emailed Company A with my approval number but the response I got was again my information didn't match so order has been cancelled. I was so frustrated so I decided to talk to a customer service representative. The representative offered to help me reapply the discount and make a new order but it didn't work, so he said if I still want to buy it I'll have to buy it at regular price. Now at this point I was very angry with the company, so I decided to speak with a manager at Company A. The manager said let's just put this behind and move forward; he can offer me the special discount, all I have to do is make the call again to reorder.

    Now I don't know if I should still purchase it or not. I have spent many time to find the perfect watch. I am very frustrated how much phone calls and effort I have to go through just to get a watch. It's not a cheap watch, so I expect better customer service and better communications. I was very upset because I am the cardholder yet I felt I was accused of frauding. :pout: But on the other hand, I know my SO would love the watch very much, and the CS manager did offer a solution to the issue at the end.

    So should I get him something else (I know he wants a wallet), or should I just eat it up and just buy it?
  2. I would not order from this company. It all sounds super shady and it shouldn't be so difficult to place an order if this was all legit.
  3. Personally, I get a lot of joy out of finding and giving someone the perfect gift and I do sometimes put up with a lot because I have my mind set on giving a specific present and am excited to do so.

    It really depends, is this a once in a lifetime discount or just part of the sale season going on now and thus coming round again in a couple of months? Exactly HOW crazy is he about this watch? And more importantly, will you not be left with ill feeling towards the watch? I know it sounds crazy but it is possible to start disliking something because of the hassle it gives you.
  4. I thought the company is a little shady too, since they never restock the watch after I bought it (there were 2 left, I bought one so there should be 1 left, but it's not on the site anymore).
    But it seems they are pretty big (I think they own 3 watches sites), and is a sponsor for a forum.

    More advices, fellow tpfers?
  5. Oh it's a special discount (and a big one >.<), you get it randomly from visiting their site. That's why I'm reconsidering if I should get it regardless the experience. My SO gave the watch a 9/10 rating from seeing the watch picture. But I know he won't want me to get if I'm unhappy with the company. He'd rather me getting him something else than ruining my mood for a gift.
  6. If it were me, I'd get the watch for him. So they messed up the first time...sure it was annoying but the manager made it right and honored the discount. That he made it right would make me feel better about the transaction from the company.

    After you buy the watch, you do not have to buy anything from the company again.
  7. if the website is legit...i would buy the watch.
  8. I agree with the others. Sometimes seeing the smile on their face & knowing you put it there is worth the headache. Years from now you probably wont even remember all the trouble you had to go through to get him that watch but he will. Everytime someone complements him on it he'll smile and say...Honeyspice got it for me.
  9. Thanks everyone! :hugs:
    I just called them. The representative told me I'll have to purchase it through the website. So I said I talked to the manager and he gave the ok. So the representative tried reopening the order but found out the watch is out of stock. (what are the chances?! LOL I've been stalking the watch for weeks and there was still 2 left in stock. Now when I bought one, the other was bought too?!) So I'll have to call again next Monday or Wednesday to that representative or the manager himself to repurchase it.

    Thanks a lot! I think SO will love it! :smile: But he says getting 2 gifts instead of the watch is very tempting too. :P
  10. Nevermind. I got a message back from Company A manager after I told him about the conversation between me and the representatives.

    I was told to call them on Tuesday afternoon, but I was busy and yesterday was Canada Day (for me, but the company is in US) so I called today instead. I did NOT blame them for out of stock. I merely states that the representative did not say I can buy with the discount until I mention the manager's name when I emailed the manager. But this is what I got from them: "you waited so long to contact us again because in doing so, someone else purchased the watch."

    I don't think everyone has the time to check emails every other hour, or make personal calls during work hours at work. Yea, I didn't call yesterday or the day before, but does it have to be such a big deal like it's my fault?! That watch was in stock (2 left) since I first start stalking it. Why is it miraculously out of stock when I purchased one?!

    Whatever. I'd rather take my business elsewhere.

    Thanks everyone! I would really buy the watch if I didn't get that message from the manager. Oh well.