Would you still buy from sellers who don't communicate?

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  1. Hi everyone,
    I have been seriously contemplating a Chanel purchase on ebay, and sent several messages to the seller to ask about the condition of the bag as well as to request for more photos. This was at least a week ago, and the seller is yet to respond to any of my messages.

    Now, If you were me, would you still go ahead and buy from the seller? Or would you walk away even if s/he has the bag you've been wanting for a while? Something about this situation is making me pretty upset and frustrated. Any thoughts? Advice?
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    If a seller was not answering questions about an item that I was interested in or sending more pictures that I was requesting, I would move on and wait for another seller with the same item who will show me that courtesy! You know it's going to come along; it's ebay. I don't care if that item is worth $3.00 or $3000, I expect the same from a seller when I have a question or two that is not addressed in the listing. Don't give your money up easily, that's my motto.
  3. Run and don' t look back. she has a reason not to answer your inquiries.
  4. If I really wanted the item. But I only buy cheap stuff.

  5. Absolutely not... any seller who doesn't respond with a reasonable amount
    of time here is raising a red flag for me..

    If you had a problem, you'd have a real problem on your hands communicating
    with a seller like this...
  6. Walk away. Almost always another one comes along.
  7. No way. Lack of communication is a huge red flag. The seller should be bending over backwards to get you the information you need about such a large purchase.

  8. The way business is today & there are so many sellers saying ebay business&

    business in general is slow & they are getting low ball offers, here is a prime example

    of a seller that could have a very significant sale & isn't doing their job

    properly....or communicating which to me would be a deal breaker..
  9. Just like most on here have already said...I would leave and never look back!
  10. Of course no way... If the seller is sincere in doing business. He/she will reply. Though it could be a case that they are busy but it's not worth to take the risk. You could keep it under watch list. Who knows, the seller might reply if item is relisted.
  11. I agree with the above; if a seller can't communicate on a high ticket item, it does not bode well for the transaction. Just walk away from this one.
  12. Absolutely.... this is a red flag waving so high...
  13. If she isn't communicating BEFORE the sale, just imagine if there is something wrong???

    There is a reason she is ignoring your messages.
    I know it is hard to watch an item pop up that you have been searching high and low for, but unless it is OOAK, then another will come around in time.

    Don't buy from this seller!
  14. One of a few good things about eBay is "there is always another one". There are many trust worthy sellers who deal with Chanel bags. You don't have to buy from sellers who ignore your questions.
  15. Absolutely not!

    I've asked questions about items that cost as little as $10 and if I receive no response after asking twice, I don't purchase even if it's a bargain price.

    You are talking about something pricy which makes purchasing without a response even scarier imo. Good sellers respond to potential buyers.