would you still buy a nylon messenger

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  1. Hi everyone! This is my first post in the prada forum :smile:

    Anyhow, I'm going to Paris in August and have been hunting for a perfect chic travel bag that's secure and lightweight. The prada nylon messengers seem to fit the bill. I know they're from seasons past but would you still buy one and not think they look dated?


    P.s. This is the one I'm thinking about...

  2. I think a Prada nylon anything would be great..but that site sells fakes so I would buy it elsewhere :smile:
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    Yes it does!!! :yes:

    There's nothing dated about Prada nylon bags! They make them new and fresh every season! Lots of hand carry nylon bags come removable with messenger straps. Prada's old nylon backpacks are even making a comeback this season!

    Here's a nice one that's real from Raffaello Network. The only thing I don't like is the buckles don't have snaps under them, they are actually buckles. If you're traveling though, that might be a feature you want.


    I've been trying to find this one below in black on sale, but I haven't had any luck yet. I like the outside zipper pocket better for myself.

  4. I'm not a fan of nylon, but Prada is definitely the way to go if you are!
  5. I own one that has the flap over like PP showed in the first pic. My color is a raspberry red. I love it so much and I would still buy it all over again!!!!
  6. I have/had both styles PP posted. Love them both and they get a lot of use w/ me.
  7. Prada Nylons - Durable, lightweight, water repellent and stylish.
    If you like colors, get the seasonal ones that usually go on sale.
    I do not think that they will ever look dated at all, no matter what color you choose.
    After all, its a Prada classic.
  8. ita
  9. Thanks for all the input! Off to hunt for a real one now :smile:
  10. Love Prada nylon bags but I have a question. Are the basic style messenger bags a unisex bag - or are there some made just for woman, just for men. Sorry to hijack thread but didin't want to start a new thread.
  11. Prada does make specific styles for women and men. However, there's nothing to stop a guy from carrying a red purse! and any gal worth her salt can carry a men's messenger style with panache! ;)

    Use the colors and styles as a guideline. The men's styles are usually simpler and almost always in black.

    Women's styles (aren't we lucky) are usually available in a great variety of colors.
  12. yes~i have 1 i bought myself and another 1 which my dad gave me recently..i am so in love with them~~beside, u dont have to take k of them~~:nuts:
  13. The biggest difference between the men's messengers vs. the ones marketed toward women is that the men's messenger straps are always 8-10 inches longer than the ones for women.

    Sexist, I know, but I'm guessing they assume men are always at least 6-8 inches taller than the "average" woman.
  14. Mine is great for travelling. It is lightweight, but very roomy and you can squish it up in your luggage if you need to without worrying about it. Mine was a bit grubby after a recent overseas trip, so I sprayed it with pre-wash spray and popped it into the washing machine :nuts: - Gentle cycle of course and it is good as new!!

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  15. that's really cute! Can't believe you threw it in the washing machine and it came out great. You are brave. I noticed my nylon tote is getting dirty around the edges but I'll think I'll just use the baby wipes someone suggested.