Would you still bid in this scenario?

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  1. So basically I found a belt that I may like, and the starting bid is $0.99. However, the shipping is an outrageous $34+. I contacted the seller to ask if it was a mistake and how much it would cost to ship it to me. The seller said it was a mistake as he/she put in the incorrect weight of the item, and would change it. It would also "be about $6.80" to ship it.

    After 2 days, the shipping info is still not corrected on the auction. So should I still bid and if I win, wait for an invoice of "about $6.80" to be included into the total ending price? Afterall, the seller did admit that it was an error and told me an estimate of the true shipping cost. At the same time, I don't want to be bitten at the end and cough up the bizarre $34+ for shipping a belt! What would you do in this situation?
  2. i would wait and just keep on contacting the seller until she sends you a new invoice...i had to wait for 5 days before the seller sent me a new invoice...you can also check the contact info of the seller since ur the winning bidder for the item :smile:
  3. ^^ so you would bid anyway and wait for a corrected invoice?
  4. I would keep the email she/he sent you stating the correct shipping price. If there was already another bid on the item they may not be able to change the shipping.
  5. Has some one already bid? Because if thats the case the seller can not alter the shipping until they send the invoince. Believe me i know from experience!
  6. What she said
  7. No, there are no bids. I think everyone ran away after seeing that shipping cost! I did check his history and his current items being sold, and most shipping costs seem reasonable. He probably made an error on a pair of shoes too with the same $34+ shipping, but that is probably it.
  8. if no one wins the item wait for the item to be relisted and hope that the shipping fee was revised :biggrin:
  9. ^^ from my experience, every time I wait for something to get relisted, there will be bidders and the item ends up going higher than I had expected to pay. LOL
  10. harhar true enough :smile:
  11. u can always bid and if the seller doesnt change the invoice u can send a complaint to ebay that the sellers shipping fees are unreasnable...they're a bit strict when it comes to that :smile:
  12. Normally the situation I face is that they didn't bother to put the S&H charges in the listing, and I have to ask. When it's an item I know I'll be going for, I keep the e-mail in case there are any problems if I win the auction.
  13. make sure that the seller corrects the shipping before you bid. This happened to me once before too, and the seller admitted the shipping should be lower in his email to me, but after the auction ended, he refused to answer any of my emails, so I was stuck with the higher fee.
  14. oh no peppy! You couldn't contact someone from ebay to prove otherwise?
  15. I wouldn't bid... That should definitely be corrected by the seller before you bid. Otherwise I wouldn't be surprised if that's what you get charged after it ends!