Would you stay or leave?

  1. I was watching a movie where a man has a surgery to become a woman. In the movie, his wife stays with him. If you were married and your so had a sex change, would you stay with them?
  2. Absolutely.
  3. I know a transexual and we actually talked about this once. She said that when she "became" a woman that "he" (her former self) died.

    I think that a spouse would have to mourn that loss just like any other death, and decide what their next step would be. For me I would be very hurt and I would eventually have to move on with my life. I think that it would be very hard on my son because he loves doing "father/ son" things with his dad.
  4. I don't know. On the one hand, he'd been unhappy with his body for all those years and he's finally doing something about it.

    I'd love and support, er, her and we'd always stay friends, but I fell in love with a man. I'm attracted to men.
  5. ^^^I agree with the nos. I am not attracted to women and I don't think it would work for me. I also think it's selfish to marry someone, even more so to have kids, then turn around and say I'm a woman trapped in a man's body. If you knew this, why act now? Why start a family to just shake it up?
  6. I would've been upset and embarrased for sure, and I don't think I can stay with my "she" DH any longer. If there are kids involved, it would make it ten times harder, especially if the kids are still young. Wait, if the kids are still young there's an advantage, they would have a different depth of understanding compare with older kids, but then you will have no moral support from them. With older kids (teenage and up), this can be really hard on them, facing friends, society, and so on, but maybe they can give you moral support to face this, so you end up not feeling really alone in this world.

    Knock on woods!
  7. no I would not stay with him...but I will still support him and give him the friendship he needs...
  8. No, but I would still be a close friend....
  9. The reason I would stay with him is because I didn't marry his... male parts(hypothetically, because I'm not married). I've always believed you fall in love with the person though I've never been attracted to women and doubt I ever will. I can't imagine not being with my boyfriend anymore just because of a physical change, but I guess everyone is different. Don't get me wrong, I would see it as a huge challenege for sure, any change is a challenege, but I think it's something that I'd be able to get past.
  10. i will leave... that's just my personal choice and although i will not be around, i guess, i will try to be civil with the person..
  11. I think it's a personal choice. :yes: If it works out, fine. If not, also fine. To me, besides for the not being into women thing, I would feel lied to. See, I believe transgender people are born that way. I think people should say I was born male/female but feel female/male when entering relationships. KWIM?
  12. I have no idea. Its a tough decision and I haven't thought it through that well.
  13. No, but I would remain 'friends'.
  14. Absolutely NOT!
  15. Yeah, I totally get where you're coming from... I don't think anyone really knows what they'd do in that situation unless they were in it anyway. For all I know, I'd run screamining. It really is such a personal, complex thing.