Would you spray water repellent on your chanel?

  1. I recently bought a bubble quilt bowler. I am really in love with it :love: but I am a bit apprehensive in using the bag because the lambskin looks so delicate! It has been raining lots where I am now, so I figured its not the right time to take the bag out. Have anyone of you tried spraying some sort of water repellent for leather e.g. scotchgurard on your Chanel? Does it work?
  2. I wonder if the water repellent itself would leave tiny little pin-sized marks (from the mist) on the lambskin, though??
  3. I would and I did, I sprayed my grey reissue. There are 2 brands that I like, one is apple guard and another one is called vectra. As long as you sprayed evenly and keep the distance as instructed you will be fine.
  4. I have sprayed most of my Chanel bags including lambskin and have had no problems - even with the light-colored bags. I have also sprayed my Chanel shoes and boots. I live in the Seattle area where it RAINS and so I am taking no chances. I have a BQ bowler (dark beige) but have not used it yet. I will test spray before I spray the whole thing - probably on the bottom - but do not anticpate any problems.
  5. I just sprayed my lambskin boots with Vectra. Worked great!
  6. i've sprayed my metallic black reissue with vectra. also i used apple guard on my balenciaga and vuitton. both sprays work great! they keep both water and stains off!
  7. I sprayed it as well...all of my Chanel bags..:tup:
  8. Can someone in the UK recommend a good spray because I don't think we get Apple Guard and Vectra over here?
  9. I have sprayed some of my lighter colored Chanel bags with Shining Monkey and it's worked great. It dries immediately. :tup:
  10. Would spraying apple garde make light color lambskin darker?
  11. I use Appleguard on all my Chanel bags and it works great! No changes on the caviar leather whatsoever. I'm not certain how it would affect lambskin so I think it's best to call the Chanel boutique before using it. Hope this helps!
  12. Try leatherstuff.com Perhaps they can ship to the UK. Goodluck!:biggrin:
  13. ^Yupp, that's where I bought my Apple Guard products. I've used th Apple Guard water/stain repellent on my lambskin timeless clutch with no problems!
  14. I have tried the water spray repellent on my balenciaga bags and it works on them but haven't try them on chanel bags.
  15. Anyone tried scotchguard on their bags? I've used it on my brown leather Miu Miu bag with no problems... but I'm scared to death of Chanel bags! Esp lighter coloured ones... really want to get a white chanel but scared of yellowing, stains etc =(