Would you spend the money to get this restored?

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  1. I have been looking for a vintage Camel-colored duffle like this and have never found one until now. Only problem is, that it's banged up and has been through the ringer. If I took this to have it professionally cleaned, could they even restore it to like new condition? I know absolutely nothing about restoring Coach bags. Here is the auction:

  2. Honestly, I don't think that can be restored. It might be possible to have a darker bag restored but I don't think those dark stains on the bottom could be removed. I think you should keep looking because I don't think you'd be happy with this. You could spend a lot of money trying to fix this and end up with an unusable bag.
  3. Thanks. That's what I thought:cry:
  4. I agree with mokoni, I don't think this bag can be restored, it is pretty beat up! Definitely save your money for a bag that is in better condition!

  5. I agree! the bag would definitley be beautiful if it wasn't so beat up! I do not think you can salvage it.
  6. I like them better when they're "banged up" looking. But those stains!!! For that price I would buy it and re-dye it myself using a dark brown acid wash dye (Jacquard Acid Dyes) which is permanent and would probably cover those stains pretty well. It has to be dyed in near boiling water so the bag will be stiff at first after it dries. Condition the surface a couple of times and work the leather till it's soft again. Personally, I think it would be worth the effort. It's a really nice duffle.
  7. I have no experience in dying leather bags. I think I'll just wait for another one to come along. I really like that style of duffle and it is hard to find one in that color.
  8. Only if the price remained really really low- And you didn't mind dying it darker. Now if part of your love for this bag is the actual color then I say it's a definite NO. The stains would still show through and you would just end up spending approximately 200.00 to dye a bag- that would still look damaged. Unless- you- yourself know how to dye a bag-or dont mind spending a lot to dye it darker- then no.
  9. Yeah, you all are right it would be a waste of money. I sure wish Coach still made this style of duffle, I would love to have it in both camel and in a soft pink.
  10. sorta OT, but the creed says veins are part of the natural characteristic of full grain leather...does this mean real veins on the bag? I've never heard of/seen that on leather!?
  11. No, their not veins as in literal blood flowing veins. It's like a human stretch mark on the skin. I have them on my new Bleecker wristlet. Will post a picture later if you want to see what it looks like. I think it's cool.
  12. ahh ok haha thanks for clearing that up, pics would be cool to see :smile:
  13. i say have it redyed! the bag may never come back up for sale!
  14. That's what I am thinking cuz I have been searching for this style of duffle in this color for ages. But I am going to keep my fingers crossed that it does. I mean, this bag is just too used.
  15. Wow that bag is seriously beat up - I can't believe the seller describes the condition as "good". I'm pretty good at repairing and salvaging things, but those stains look like they might have been caused by something oily and if so, it might create a problem with redying where the dye would not take or be uneven. It might be worth a shot if you can get it for a really low price - like $10-20.