would you spend $955.00 on sophie??


would you spend $995.00 on a sophie?

  1. definatley- its a priceless classic!

  2. no way, jose!!

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  1. i want a sophie so badly but the only one available costs $995.00!! should i do it? would YOU? the original retail price was in the $400.00's. is it a timeless classic?
  2. No way. I think if you can wait awhile longer, more will be available.
  3. dont do it! the sophie isnt worth $955 IMO
  4. I really love my Sophie...I think I spent $650...$950 is just a bit too much!
  5. it all depends on HOW MUCH YOU love it...but for me, personally, just under 1K could buy you something just as nice!!
  6. I wouldn't. I'd wait for a great deal to pop up on eBay. :tup:
  7. I wouldn't. I personally don't think it worth that much, though it is cute and everything.
  8. I agree. I saw that one too..but no way i'm gonna let that person make that much profit over it. I heard they are going to release damier sophie in August...crossing my fingers.
  9. NO - I would feel so ripped off.
  10. No way!
  11. i would wait, more will pop up. thats a crazy markup.
  12. I adore the Sophie and I am borderline obsessed with getting one, but not for that price, it is just way too much! I would wait it out, that one has been on eBay for a long time with no buyers because it is priced way to high. You will find one, just give it a little time.
  13. wait and one will come for alot less
  14. i think 995 is a bit too over-priced for a sophie
  15. That would be like a $500 mark-up

    Many LV bags are marked up like that.....think about cherry blossom bags, grafitti bags, mizi vienna, oskar waltz, cerises bags.........it happens.

    But i think where the problem lies is that this bag is not substantial in size. Its very small. So in our heads it does not seem justifiable to pay that much.......

    but in reality, its not uncommon for a popular LV bag to be marked up like that

    I doubt I personally would pay that much.....but if it were something i was totally in love w/ I might think about it :sweatdrop: