Would you spend $4.1k to admire it?


What would you do?

  1. Alzer 65

  2. A bunch of LV

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  1. For the longest time I have wanted an Alzer 65. It is $4.1k yes it is a lot and it is too large to take on a plane with you so it would have to be checked and I will NEVER check my Louis Vuitton luggage, I might as well just kiss it good bye lol!! :P So really it would be something for me to admire, I mean it's what he is FAMOUS for!!! But that is A LOT of money for just ONE thing, I could get a few things in it's place but I want to be able to use the things of course not just replacement pieces because if they don't get used, I might as well have bought Alzer...
  2. NEVA!!!:lol: What's the point! If you've got $$$ burning a hole in your pocket, then GO FOR IT! Otherwise, get something else in it's place and enjoy using it!:flowers:
  3. If you've always wanted it, just get it. Don't buy other LV pieces just to "make up" for the Alzer 65 because they will never give you the satisfaction Alzer 65 will.

    You can always use it as a storage trunk in your room ... so it'll get "used."
  4. If I could pay 4.1 k for Alzer, that means I should have private jet. I think get PJ first and get Alzer, not the other way around lol
  5. I think it's beautiful and would be a great piece to accent a room with :smile:
    BTW, I used to live in East Lansing.
  6. i think u should go for it...only if u want it this much :smile:
    keep me posted
  7. Brace your self... I am trying to sell my brown runway jacket on ebay!! YIKES I KNOW!! I warned ya lol.. the listing ended with mo bid but I would loooove to make a profit on it since it's the ONLY size 46 in the USA!!! I would even take $2k but yeah so if I got $2k for it then my mom said she would put in $1800 for LV I will have over $4k with $ I have now... but she wants to see me get the Large Tambour Quartz watch... so if I did, then I still have 2300 left to spend...

    who knows.. I change my mine daily lol
  8. The Alzer Is Beautiful.....But, You Have To Be Happy! That's A Lot Of Money To Be Unsure.
  9. LOL!!!
  10. heey, could someone post a picture of it? i do not know it
  11. This is my friend's ALZER 65!!

    Wait I can't use his pics without asking him, so I have to find another one
  12. SO SO SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!!:heart::love:

  13. Nope. Anything over $250, I have to use it.
  14. nooo, don't get a Tambour watch!!!!!

    Anyways, if you've always wanted a Alzer 65, then I say go for it, but use it! Don't just admire! And others are right, don't buy things to "make up" for it cause it'll never be the same as having what you want!
  15. uhhhhh why:blink: