Would you speak up if you are unsure of authenticity?

  1. I was at Goodwill today and while waiting at the register I saw what was supposed to be a Coach bag behind the counter. I figured when the woman in front of me was done I would ask for a closer look. Well she asked about the bag, and as soon as the cashier said it was authentic she said she'd take it and didn't even inspect it. While it sat there on the counter to be rung up I noticed it didn't look like leather(but I don't know since I didn't touch it), and to be honest it didn't look like a style of bag I had ever even see Coach make.(I looked and don't see it on the web site) The metal on the adjustable strap(it was a tote bag) looked different from the metal in the little rings for adjusting(It reminded me of a belt). However, I am by far no expert on Coach bags. Without really getting to inspect it, I wasn't sure so I didn't say anything when the cashier said it was authentic. Would you have spoken up if you weren't 100% sure it was a fake? The more I think back on the bag the more details don't sit right with me, and now I am feeling bad that I didn't say anything.
  2. If it's an obvious fake (ie. fake leather trim, poor workmanship, etc.), I would definitely speak up. Other than that, no I wouldn't say anything unless I have the exact same authentic bag with me to compare it to.
  3. touchy situation. i would want to say something, but i ultimately i don't think i would. it's none of my business and my interjection would probably only cause a fight. i mean, there's no guarantee that the person buying the bag would even listen to me or be grateful for my help.

    do you know how much she paid for the bag?
  4. I thought I heard the cashier say either $60 or $68.
  5. I would probably very politely join in the conversation, because I would really want to know whether or not that bag is authentic and ask the sa how she tells authentic from fake bags... that gives the sa the chance to either show off her knowledge - or be embarrassed, because she knows nothing!
  6. well people at goodwill just dont know however it was kinda wrong of them to just assume. i would have been really tempted to interject and say it was fake but then again the profits from it are going for good. hmm i dunno. tough choice.
  7. Only if I knew for sure it was fake, but who knows maybe the woman who was buying it would think you are just saying it is fake because you want to buy it
  8. I didn't even think of that! You're probably right.
  9. Hard one, I might have said I never seen a Coach like that one. Then maybe talked about fakes.
  10. I have an old, nylon Coach bag that doesn't look anything like the current Coach bags. It even has a plate on the side that says "Coach" instead of a tag. It was from Saks, so I know it's real. Is it possible that the bag was a much older style?
  11. I really don't know. It hardly looked used at all, which wouldn't make me think it's an older bag. Also, the seams on the corner similar to the picture below, only the pleats were open and it didn't have piping. Also, the leather was a lighter color. It was wider across the top and more of a north south shape.

  12. No. I wasn't asked and it was not my transaction, I wouldn't say a word.
    Bottom line: it's a thrift shop. That's about the LAST place I'd expect to find a Coach authority, or a SA equipped to verify authenticity on high-end mdse. Many fakes end up there.