Would you SNAD the seller or just leave NEG feedback?

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  1. I bought a book on ebay that was supposed to come with a CD-ROM. Before I hit BIN I asked the seller if it included the CD-ROM and the seller stated that yes it came with the disc. When I got the book on Sat. no disc was included so I messaged the seller asking where the disc was and got no response. Today I sent a second message asking about the disc. Would you SNAD this seller or just leave NEG feedback and call it a day. I got the book for about $10 cheaper than I would have at a Borders or something but I bought it specifically for the CD-ROM. I hate dishonest sellers :sad:
  2. If the listing states that you were supposed to get the disc and book, then it's definitely a SNAD.
  3. the listing doesn't say anything about the disc that's why I messaged the seller and asked if the disc was included. They sent me a message back stating that it was included. I still have that message because I checked it when I received the book with no disc to make sure they did tell me that it was included.
  4. I would definately SNAD and depending how cooperative the seller is....neg or not.
  5. well they finally answered me and gave me a full refund and I don't have to return the book. I guess I can't be mad now :P
  6. Well at least the case is solved!
  7. great! glad it was resolved. I would have hesitated to file SNAD if your purchase price was low just because you would have to eat the cost of return shipping.