Would you shower with a white gold and diamond bracelet?

  1. I hope there are some ladies who do with no problems. This one is very hard to get on and off but I would like to wear it everyday! It's very dainty too...
  2. :nogood: Soap will dull the diamonds. One of mine is tight as well, so my DH helps me.
  3. If it's too tight, you should take it to the jeweler to adjust it.
  4. Wow really! What about body wash?

    It's not too tight, it's just the clasp and the way the bracelet chains are... and I don't have a roommate or live-in boy for handy bracelet assistance. :shrugs:
  5. The only potential problem is when soapy residue gets in the bracelet. It dulls the light passing through to make the diamonds sparkle.
    This is not permanent & can easily be cleaned by a jeweler or jewelry cleaner :smile:
  6. I would shower with it...at the very worse...clean the bracelet yourself from time to time or bring it to be cleaned.
  7. yup i shower with my diamonds on. if you feel that they're starting to develop residue build-up, a simple cleaning would remedy the problem, as the other posters mentioned above.
  8. I shower with all my jewelry on. I have a bunch of earrings on so it's quite tedious to remove them and replace them after I shower. Just be sure you clean them from time to time :smile: Toothpaste is a good jewelry cleaner.

  9. Indeed! I wear my wedding set in the shower. When the diamonds start to cloud, I use Colgate Fresh Max with wet toothbrush -- turns bright fast.
  10. i clean my rings once a week because i wear them non stop. i like them to shine the best they can. Its no fun taking stuff off use to wash your hands with soap =)
  11. Jewelry that I have trouble putting on and taking off I've showered with. But as others have said, it does dull diamond pretty quickly with soap scum. A good cleaning will take care of that.
  12. I would keep an old toothbrush in the shower and give the bracelet a quick scrub to keep residue off.
  13. I rinse my jewelry with alcohol, too and that helps keep it shiney.
  14. agree with pp's. Shower with it and take a toothbrush into the shower to clean it at the same time.

    I never take my Rolex off except at bedtime. It's on everyday in the shower, but once a week I toothbrush it clean in the shower...keeps the links all clean. As a side note, if you don't clean a link watch or other linked jewelry, the dirt and oil from your body will buildup between the links and wear down the metal eventually.

  15. I take my jewelry off when I'm home......seems like i'm in the minority.
    I do a lot of needlework - knitting, crocheting, etc - and the yarn catches on my
    jewelry. I don't want to end up losing a stone, so I just never wear it around the