Would you ship item out if...

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  1. Would you ship the item out if even though they are out of the country, address is unconfirmed, and when you do a info check..you realize that the name the item is going to does not even match the registered users name or address?

    And they even just recently changed their EBAY ID ?

    ...And they even paid you already too.

    Pay Pal does not protect sellers that ship internationally...should I just take the risk?
  2. Well the changing ID thing isn't much to worry about. The other stuff with the name and address sounds weird. I have items shipped to my pal in NJ quite alot as the shipping to England is always so expensive. I've never had anyone query it but I have over 3,000 fb.

    What's the bidders fb like?
  3. ^^fb is 100% positive ..with about 20 something.
  4. The fb isn't very high. So where are they based and where do they want it shipped? Could it be a gift for someone?

    Maybe you should ask why they are having it shipped to somewhere different with a different name
  5. That sounds strange to me. Is it an expensive item? I have had a few strange sales in the past, I go with my gut. I would ask the buyer right out (for their saftey as well as your own) why the names and addresses do not match and see what kind of answer you get. And being the address is not confirmed with Pay Pal, and I am questioning the buyer already, I don't think I would go though with the sale~ just my thoughts
  6. The total is a little under $50.
    I already emailed the person & now just waiting for response.
  7. Let us know the outcome
  8. Paypal does protect sellers who ship internationally. You just have to do it correctly.

    As for shipping the item - contact the member through the eBay contact page just to make sure that everything is okay and that you want to make sure that the PP account matches the eBay account.
  9. ^^ Great advice lami!:smile:
  10. That's great to know now! All this time I thought that Pay Pal doesn't do the " Sellers Protection" thing. Thank you Lamia.
  11. Wow..ok so the dude messages me back and explains to me that the reason why his address is unconfirmed is bc he just moved several weeks ago. He says he was living in UK and now is living in Australia.

    Although his address is unconfirmed..here is a new problem: In the message he typed out his address once again to me but this time he said his name is something else!! ( this name didn't match the name that was withthe unconfirmed address...! Not only THAT, I then just noticed that the Pay Pal owner's name is something completely different.

    Wow. What to do now..?!?

    I am dealing with 3 different names, and 2 different address'!
  12. Wow!!! This buyer seems to be very, very confused:wacko:.
  13. It's not the buyer..it's ME as the seller that is confused! lol
  14. weird, does the name he's using sound even close to the paypal he paid with???
    maybe the 3rd name he gave you is the name of the person he's staying with?
  15. :hrmm: Are the last names at least the same?

    I recently closed my paypal account, so I can't go back in there to see how the name thing works. Maybe it has to do with who the method of payment belongs to?

    I don't know...I'd email again and let him know that you're concerned about this and that the only reason you're asking so many questions is to protect yourself as the seller and him as the buyer (even though you're just trying to cover your own butt, lol) :smile: