Would you settle for a store display?

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  1. Hi Friends,

    As happy as I am with my new purchase the Marylebone GM today, I may have gotten a store display.

    I was too full of excitement to check, as I had called in a head of time to have my Sa reserve it for me. When I got there I should have known but was too over joyed (among other distractions: my 2 year old son, 9 mnths pregnancy, in a rush to get in and out) because the bag was stuffed with a pillow. They usually don't do that right (unless it was a bag display)?

    At 7pm after all my errands I finally got the chance to take her out. I was looking for the LV scripting usually located on the side of the metal plate and noticed heavy finger prints (in which I did not mind at all), so I decided to buff everything off with a soft cloth. As I was doing so, I found a 1 inch gash on one of the metal plates. I decided to do a throwing exam and notice moderate scuffing on all four feet.

    So my questions to you all is:
    Is this a store display? If so, would you settle considering this is not a LE, discontinuing item, etc.

    Would the scuffing and the gash bother you or am I just being too anal?

    The bag was a little over 1800 including taxes. It's just so inconvenient to have to do an exchange or make an extra trip if they didn't have one available. I fear the price increase and technically I could go in to labor any day now.


    Thanks in advance.
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    First congratulations on your new baby I wish you an easy birth! :biggrin: I completely agree with you and no I don't think that you are being anal at all. When I bought my Totally it was not just my first LV but my first experience in the store. When I finally decided that she was the one I was surprised that the SA started ringing up the display. I questioned her and she said that is what they always do. I noticed a small, but still present scratch on the zipper pull. For that type of money, for me, I want to be the one to put the first scratch on the bag so I asked her to see a different one that I ended up getting. So I feel that you should return it and get a perfect one. I feel that if you don't you will always see that imperfection no matter how small and even if no one else notices it.
    Good luck on all fronts and keep us posted!
  3. I think you should exchange it. The SA's at my store have told me that they are supposed to sell the displays. I always ask for one that wasn't on display. For that amount of money I want a brand "new" one:smile:
  4. I wouldn't want a display either. I notice that SAs will pull out new looking bags too from the drawer to show customers when there's one already on display to show. This could be the case for your bag. The way I see it, it's hard to really tell if you really do get a new bag or not. There could always be the possibility that it could be a customer return. It's just hard to tell.
  5. I was told that sometimes bags pulled from the back or site unseen, may have been bags once on display at some point. Customers assume they're new since they pull it from backstock. Not saying it's the case everytime, but it's possible.
  6. Yes, it seems as if they always grab the displays first to show, then ring up, especially if you don't say anything to them. I actually wanted the display the last time I was in the store and bought my NF because it had been stuffed it didn't have the bag creases. BUT, I really looked it over thoroughly before buying it.
    I would definitely be disappointed if there was a "gash" on the plate. I think you will regret it, if you don't exchange it.
    (and blessings on your new baby)
  7. Congrats on your purchase… I know what your saying, but is it really worth your time and energy trying to return it. I just bought a clutch from Gucci and it was the store display. I carried it first time today and thought about how many people would have played with it. In fact, people were playing with it when I was in the store. Nearly having a panic attack coz I wanted to buy it. There were other clutches but they didn't have the pattern in the alignment that I wanted, so I bought it. So I guess it bothered me for all of 3 minutes today and then I couldn't help but admire it and think of how beautiful it is and how lucky I was to get it in the exact pattern that I wanted.

    When I bought my first LV, there was a scratch in the vachetta on the bottom of the bag (noe bb) and yeah it was a little disappointing, but after a few minutes I thought… does it really matter and does it detract from my happiness of using it.. Nope.

    So I guess what I am saying is, at the end of the day you have your health, a baby on the way and a beautiful family and does a scratch really matter. :balloon:
  8. My SAs know I won't take a store display and I'll be psst if they make me do a double trip- because I won't settle.
    I don't want a bag that a bunch of people have already touched.
    Go exchange it. That would bug me.
  9. I think there are really two issues here. Would I buy a display bag? Yes, I don't care. Would I buy a bag with a "gash?" Nope!
  10. Congratulations on your upcoming arrival! I have purchased display bags and don't have an issue, if it is the only one available that I want. Having said that, I would not want one that didn't come home perfect. I would exchange it. If they don't have one, then have them order one in, it doesn't take that long. Good luck!
  11. +1
  12. In all honesty, the scuffs on the feet wouldn't bother me only because more likely then not, it's going to happen anyway. The gash on the plate would probably bother me. You've paid top dollar, for a less then perfect piece... if the store isn't that far out of your way, I would call your SA, explain to her your disappointment and ask that she find you a new one.

    If you've posted in here... it's bothering you a lot more then it's worth... exchange it so you never have to wish you had

    : )
  13. Yes, it would bother me.. I would definitely exchange!

  14. +2!!!
  15. Exchange it. Call them and let them know. Also ask them if they have one in stock before you head out. You paid for a new bag, you should not settle for used/display one. Take care